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  1. Well, I've just repotted. The pot was rootbound, with the roots circling the bottom of the pot in a dense tight loop. The dead mother plant, or at least dead aboveground, had a ton of roots, but I decided I was just going to toss the roots because I had other plant material to work with. The 4 pups separated off pretty easily and I potted each of them up. They each had at least 2 good 3 inch roots, and now I've got lots of B.hechtioides! Those nice stripes
  2. A couple years on, here's another update - still outside in San Diego: Three pups after blooming!
  3. Oh wow, excellent! I love the colouration on
  4. Oh good to hear! I didn't see any pups so I was afraid the mother might die off and I'd have to restart from seed
  5. Awww I can't see your photo. Maybe from home later today... Papilio: Thanks!
  6. Wow I really like that last one; I didn't even know it existed! Here is my peltata - I have it in a "LL" tank at work. It's more intermediate, with clipeata and hamiguitanensis and some petiolaris dews (lanata and paradoxa). It's the one with red leaves: It was grow too cold for about a year, so it's behind everyone else's from Wistuba.
  7. I never knew that little-lid was from lack of moisture. My rob makes nothing *but* little lids.
  8. Yeah, I mean, campanulata, pervillei, and clipeata just to name a few Lowlanders that should want it super hot grow just fine as intermediates and actually prefer those conditions in cultivation from everything I've heard. So why wouldn't it be that lamii and some other UHLers (like aristolochioides and inermis? They appear to like intermediate temps better for me) take different climates in cultivation too? I figure if nobody's figured it out yet, I might as well experiment. I grow on a balcony outside in San Diego, so I get to see everything how it grows in the range LL -> UHL. I got
  9. I've kept mine alive for a few months, but that's about it haha! (yes, it didn't grow at all) I had mine in 75ish by day, 60ish by night... but people told me I killed it by doing that and not bringing it down to almost freezing at night.
  10. Oh wow, your greenhouse is so nice
  11. Thanks, and excellent thx :) yes that does make sense considering they've been cornering the 'queen x king' and all market.. I'll go re-check the label. Edit: yep it says khasiana x viking. I have noticed that whatever portion of the pitcher is receiving direct light will turn cherry red, otherwise anything on the backside of the pitcher will remain green. I almost exclusively window/balcony-grow, so it gets whatever the sun is giving haha!
  12. I love how wide the mouths are on those! I guess I should like Hummer's Giant because it's big, but the mouth is so much smaller than the pitcher that you just don't get the same impact from seeing so many teeth vs. pitcher size.