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  1. So basically I should check roots and possibly cut plant to cuttings. Do you think I should wash the plant is some kind of alcohol (I have practiced that when I had Thirps back in the day)?
  2. Hello, I have observed unsettling behaviour on one of my big plants - hybrid. Do you have any ideas what may be the cause of that?
  3. New Nepenthes species with undergrounds traps:
  4. I am confused about this form/clone. We surely need opinion from Robert Cantley about this plant as a producer. BTW I have this ampullaria but it looks like normal basals to me. But I have it from few months only so I don't have big experience with it.
  5. Great seller, would recommend 100%! lovely plants and a lovely guy

  6. It is very hard to tell which Nep species is small and easy - because they all grow big with time and or vining. N. bellii is small but I am not sure about a beginner status. N. gracilis is a good candidate - it is small but from my experience it goes quickly into vining stage. Another idea is N. ampullaria. It forms a lot of basal rosettes. You can always cut the main stem when it grow to big and leave rosettes:)
  7. Borneoexotics is selling this amp as basal rosette. It is quite debatable because it is rosette only for some time.
  8. Anyone of you living in London? I will be in London this month and I am wondering if someone would like to meet. Maybe also some plants exchange:)
  9. If other plants are fine then maybe this one was weak before shipping. I think you won't be able to save it but you can always try to repot it into very FRESH media like pure sphagnum (or you can add perlite). And as Phil told you should talk to seller and tell him what is the situation.
  10. This looks like the plant was cooked - maybe too high temperatures during shipping? Are the roots fine?
  11. Hello Matty, first of all well done!!!! I think that first one may be a female and the double one is male. Post some more close up pictures.
  12. Cedric, your plants are amazing and they are getting so big now! It is a shame that I can't grow highlanders...
  13. Recommended seller. Plants arrived quicky and healthy!

  14. Interesting! But no... It is a species - N.kongkandana:) It has mutated because of Imidacloprid (Confidor). Unfortunatelly a while ago some of my plants was infected with Coccoidea - scale insect(?). After treatments some of my kongkadanas is growing crazy - strange pitchers and leaves. Interesting isn't it?