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  1. ada


    What,s with all the Chinese stuff recently posted by a new member? Is it just spam or crap? Ada
  2. ada

    ping ID?

  3. It always astounds me how people keep buying from this type of seller.there are many small growers on here that advertise great plants cheaply.But they often get ignored,are they too cheap? Or does a flashy Web site and high prices make plants better? Always read before you spend your hard earned cash,if you can buy local, then you Don,t get issues with weather being too hot or cold and there are no issues about things getting lost in translation.
  4. it does not look like a typical leptoceras to me, google pinguicula leptoceras and look at the images. it looks to have some grandiflora in it to me,some of the seeds on sale are notorious for being mislabelled and or hybrids. i could be wrong and this is only my opinion. ada
  5. its a well grown plant,but are you sure its not a hybrid??
  6. perlite at 2500m high???????
  7. ada

    CPS Issues

    Morning Stephen, i know people do all the work voluntarily. the comment i made was more at Annette wanting to dissolve the society and give the money to something/somewhere/somebody else. If none on the existing members or commitee were members of this new set up because they hadn't been invited to join or being elected because they hadn't being made aware of this infighting. who would have got the money then?? technically only the members of the new club or society she had made up would be able to share the money out and with her being a trustee,it smells very fishy to me. Iam all for moving forward and modernisation but done properly,if she has nothing to hide why hasn't she provided the evidence or answered any questions put forward? ada
  8. ada

    CPS Issues

    NOT A LEG TO STAND ON.springs to mind. Anyone who values the society should have nothing to do with her,anyone who thinks they were appointed by her to do a job should resign, they are there illegally. i think she saw the money! A step backwards but the society will come out of it better and stronger.
  9. ada

    CPS Issues

    Dennis, thank you for taking the time to explain this at length to all the members on here. I have known you and Phil for many years and trust you both without question. The new(old) or ex chair person or woman ,i don't know. She might have good intentions but going about it the way she has,i.e forcing people to resign is wrong. How can she dissolve a society that is prospering? O.K anyone can moan about this or that but it worked. It sounds like it was a bad decision to let her in at all, i can see a point of bringing in new blood to run a newer more modern society but to kick out the very bones that has made it what it is,is wrong. You need some experience behind you when you take over something like this and should be willing to listen to all points of view from everyone and not just bulldozer your own thoughts straight in regardless. ada
  10. ada

    CPS Issues

    new rules to run the society better are welcome at any time,but who has been accused of what? names please,proof? many of the people who give their time freely are genuine people trying to do a job,many miles apart from others and getting together can be awkward. I'm all for moving forward and modernising but totally against being dictated to by one person or a committee ran by the old friends network when you don't know who is pulling the strings. The problem is anyone who takes any position has to make decisions that won't suit all people,all of the time. Then the bickering starts and that's why anyone with any sense keeps well out of it,so in the end its everyones fault and we get what we deserve. and the answer is NO. ada
  11. ada

    CPS Issues

    I must have missed the fb post,but would be interested to see what is going off. It's always been good to get things out in the open to stop Chinese whispers and get both sides so everyone gets a fair chance to have their say. Ada
  12. ada

    Crossing Sarracenia questions

    On the antho free question. it depends on the so called normal parent,if this plant is AF recessive you could get AF plants by crossing it with a totally AF plant. I have a fair few AF recessive plants i have bred myself to cross and back cross with AF plants to get better clones. ada
  13. ada

    Sarracenia psittacina ID

    Could it be,south side of the okefenokee swamp?
  14. Very nice,won,t be long before its full
  15. still growing mine without any heat at all here in yorkshire as i have for 28 years, I'll let you decide how they cope. ps no neps though. ada