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  1. ada

    Pics 2018

    very nice!
  2. I can't explain the exact science of it,i just love AF sarracenia.i have most of them and their crosses.Or used to have them, I know its a recessive trait and have plenty of AF RECESSIVE plants just waiting to be recrossed for better AF clones
  3. the( af leuco x af jonesii) x suspicion was one of my crosses originally,some of these I believe do show some veining,especially when repotted. As Alexis says,the af producing genes could be blocked and this blocker breaks down sometimes when under stress through repotting or flowering. John really explains it well,i'll look for it.
  4. the old leaky gene! john jerrard has wrote about this before,explaining some thoughts on this. stress and repotting can bring it on.It can settle down again is out here on the net
  5. He's the sub for telford,match starts at 3pm
  6. 9am! are telford that good now?
  7. ada

    Forum problems

    Agreed,its paimful. the forum must be losing a lot of its members to other places,some will come back if the admin can change things and get it running up to speed,but it must be quick or people will stay away.
  8. ada

    CPUK Site Outage August 2018

    Thank you for all your hard work and time Richard. Good that you took the time to post a full report on the forum downtime, DUMP THEM! if they can't be bothered,move lock stock and all barrels as fast as possible to a provider who does care and is more local.
  9. ada

    Any Saving my Darlingtonia?

    Provado can burn plants leaves if left in the sun whilst still wet and it would dry them out like that if left next to an open window in a heat wave.The plant would be much better outside
  10. ada

    Dead Darlingtonia

    Small pots also heat up much quicker than larger pots
  11. ada

    big darlingtonia

    All bits are spoken for Terry,sorry
  12. ada

    big darlingtonia

    some pictures of one plant this year,first two are of a 60odd cm pitcher,last one is 31 inches,nearly 80cm and still opening and growing.
  13. its opening up a bit now,this was taken a few days ago and its grown more
  14. Tidlers! the lot of 'em. i have one at 31 inches tall this year.