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  1. it depends on how much the greenhouse door is open and how much sun you get at this time of year, i can just see a bud forming in the crown of my AF PURP VENOSA LUTEOLA bob hanrahan clone but its always one of the first to flower
  2. Looking great Alexis
  3. ada

    Have I killed my seeds?

    they will be fine,keep them damp/wet .i'd expect germination in april/may
  4. ada

    Buying bare rooted plants during dormancy

    do the same as everyone else, buy your plants and learn about them as they grow. Most are very easy to grow given a few basic requirements which can easily be googled or searched . Plants are usually cheaper whilst dormant and much easier to post without damage to the pitchers or leaves too. ada
  5. ada


    are they under lights? it looks very leggy for a sarracenia seedling. what are the others? weeds?
  6. ada

    BLACK Sarracenia

    James ellis bought it and moved the plants to a new address,he does grow a lot of the nep thingies though
  7. ada

    BLACK Sarracenia

    Martin, Aidan did grow in a poly tunnel and his colours were great, the heat is also a factor,which helps with the depth of colour. The plant goes really dark for me too but a twelve foot greenhouse in sheffield by the pennines just isn't the same as down south , I bet in Italy or the south of France it would be a show stopper. ada
  8. ada

    BLACK Sarracenia

    That.'s a very dark plant Mike. Let me correct you though,the plant you mention from insectanfang was actually bred by me. It is one of 4 plants I grew out from a batch of seed I pollinated,I sent AIDAN a piece to see how dark it would go,my conditions are not perfect for colouring up but this plant showed potential! I will try a piece outside this summer,if we get one nice enough.we get a lot of cloud most summers and our temperatures are,nt great either that,s why we grow undercover to try and get the best from our plants in a very short growing season. AIDAN lives in the USA now,I. M sure he,d let you use the picture if you ask him. ADA
  9. ada

    Very small Flavas over winter survival

    24 hour lights and fertilzer does make a difference but not everyone can do this. It also does not let the plants get hardened off and you will loose some when they go outside
  10. ada

    Very small Flavas over winter survival

    they are fine,they can stand a surprising amount of frost without any ill effects. They are also very slow growing from seed,so there is nothing wrong with them size wise. They are in sphagnum which has nothing at all nutrient wise to make them grow better,repot them into peat/perlite and you will see a real growth spurt in the spring and one last thing most sarracenia seedlings look the same in the first year anyway no matter what species they are. ada
  11. ada

    Any Saving my Darlingtonia?

    Provado can burn plants leaves if left in the sun whilst still wet and it would dry them out like that if left next to an open window in a heat wave.The plant would be much better outside
  12. ada

    Dead Darlingtonia

    Small pots also heat up much quicker than larger pots
  13. ada

    big darlingtonia

    All bits are spoken for Terry,sorry
  14. ada

    big darlingtonia

    some pictures of one plant this year,first two are of a 60odd cm pitcher,last one is 31 inches,nearly 80cm and still opening and growing.
  15. its opening up a bit now,this was taken a few days ago and its grown more