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  1. ada


    deep breathe in,and out. Did you read my earlier post at all?
  2. ada


    Plenty of growers sell their spare plants on here or on line.New members usually have to wait a month I think before they can see the sales section.Admin might change this with the things that are going on now,so long as the seller's can provide plant passports in line with present guide lines on selling on line
  3. Very nice,not at all jealous. Alright then I am
  4. FredG removed himself from the forum,and set up his own. He got the virus that killed a lot of his darlingtonia,i haven't seen him for over a year so not sure what he's got left ada
  5. I believe she had problems with her husband and marriage .I,m not sure but I think she gave up with the plants,it would be nice if she sited things out and let us know if she is O. K
  6. ada


    only the brown crispy bits
  7. ada


    its totally natural for the pitchers to die off from the top,the plant is re absorbing the nutrients from the leaves for the energy to flower,cut off any brown,dry crispy bits but leave the green leaves alone. Sorry it upset you when it caught flies but this is what they are designed to do,this is how they get their food. They digest the flies they catch to grow and flower ada
  8. Gaz,if the planters are dry and warm,then silicone will do the job very well. leave them in the house for a good few hours then seal them and let the silicone go off and wait until the smell is gone. they should be fine then.
  9. Sphagnum likes wet conditions to grow well,ceph grow better in more free draining compost with more peat in the mix but not kept too wet I find,just damp is best,at least in my conditions.
  10. I thought it had been repotted,this would explain the boost in growth with some fresh compost and a few more nutrients.
  11. Has the first plant been repotted? It looks a different pot to me from the first immature pitchered plant you showed.
  12. we all need a permit to sell from the u.k to europe over the net
  13. Who knows? The plant health and safety people are unsure of what to tell us.Do we need a plant passport to sell plants or not (over the internet)European growers say it only applies to business,s but the UK ,PHSI people say we need one to sell,unless doing business face to face with th buyer.
  14. Looks very posh Dave,got the seeds in yet?