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  1. I'm planning to buy a U. Longifolia. I've never had this plant, so i don't really know what media it will thrive the best in. I've only had a couple Calycifida's and Arenaria's. Looking forward to knowing the media, and if you have any tips growing it, please tell me!
  2. I've seen some people post a pic of growing aquatic utricularia seeds with short water in a petri-dish, do i need them to germinate in sphagnum/peatmoss first and then move them to a tank/pond? I am confused. Please help.
  3. So guys, I'm planning to have a U. Arenaria, but when i searched "Utricularia care" nothing came out.. So.. Care guide please?
  4. Yo I'm a beginner, i have U. Arenaria and U. Calycifida is on shipment rn. Would the tea fertilizer thing work? And also, I once had a Calycifida and i was on a trip, my grandma took care of it. She put fertilizer, it was decaying and now it is dead, was there at least a chance it could've made it?
  5. I'm doing a funny little experiment, I'm trying to make artificial peat moss by rotting some sphagnum, sticks, leaves, egg shells and rotten eggs in water. Will it work?
  6. Same, I'm in indonesia too. Both peat moss and sphagnum are poor here. Planning to buy U. Arenaria. But we are rich of a Sphagnum species i believe is called Aulacomnium Palustre, it's cheap but i don't know if it'll do. Sphagnums are expensive here, so I'm trying to find an alternative.