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  1. Hi, I would say definitely leave these on, as they are effectively leaves and therefore photosynthesise and add strength to the plant.
  2. Hi all, I have a couple of very healthy flytraps which have lovely long teeth. However I noticed that on some traps, whilst successful in catching flies they haven't fully sealed because the teeth didn't interlock and one row of teeth appear to have been caught inside the trap. Anyone familiar with this please ? Just an update observation to this in case of interest to anyone. The trap did fully seal up with one set of teeth inside !!!
  3. Greetings Ada, got my first plant from you last year ! I would like to try growing some outdoors in a sheltered position in summer but am concerned about wind blowing them over. Or is this not recommended for the larger varieties ?
  4. Hi all, Being fairly new back to the hobby after 30 or so years, amazed at the size of some of the wonderful hybrids ! Looking forward to the start of the growing season, please can anyone advise on the best staking methods ? Thanks in anticipation,