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  1. Nice one bigphil. I'm wondering about getting one of these 'instant' greenhouses. Do people on here think they are worth bothering with, please? In my experience the plastic coating perishes after about a season.
  2. James

    How much are you selling a division of the S. leucophylla Bay County for?, delivered to Southport

  3. James W

    Xmas pitchers

    Nice Veitchiis ! Is Veithchii ( 2) the Candy Stripe variety ? and, if so, where did you get it from ?
  4. Does anyone know how tall a fully mature specimen of " Brook's Hybrid orange clone" can grow to. Does it attain a height anywhere near that of its sisterplant ?
  5. As mentioned in earlier posts do not give up on the red capensis. I thought my specimen had not survived the winter. When all my other plants in the greenhouse were exhibiting signs of life a few weeks ago my red capensis was just a mass of brown lifeless stems and I was going to throw it on the compost heap but after reading some of the other posts on the subject I decided to persevere with the plant for a few weeks & lo & behold the plant is now sending up new shoots !
  6. Could anyone please advise on what sort of S.Leucophylla has the whitest top- i.e. one without any red or green veining at all; so the top of the pitcher looks completely all white. I suspect it must be some sort of Alba but I am not too sure.
  7. James W

    Will they make it?

    I reside in the UK (Essex, for my sins !) I keep venus fly traps, sundews, cobra lilies, various sarracenia in a unheated greenhouse. I used to heat the greenhouse at night in cold spells but for for the last few years I haven`t bothered. Instead , if it is likely to be really cold I place old net curtains over the plants. The advantages of this are ;they are light (won`t crush the plants), mould to the shape of the plants, let the air in,let the light in & keep the worst of the frosts off the plants. & they don`t cost anything . So far I have not used them this year but if temperatures are forecast to to be very low I will do. I have never lost a single specimen of any of the above species of carnivorous plants in the winter through using this method.
  8. At the current time of year S. leucopyylla produces its second ( and best) batch of pitchers. Should the plant still stand in rainwater or should it be treated like most other sarras and be kept damp but not wet ? I do not want to lose the plant through root rot, but it does seem strange to curtail its pitcher production, just as it is looking at its best.
  9. Hi , Apologies if this question has already been asked ; could someone inform me where I can obtain Dionaea B52 plants (not seeds) in the UK. The only source I am aware of is Trev at the VFT shop. I emailed him a couple of weeks ago but have not yet received a reply-maybe he is on holiday. Are there any alternative sources ? James.
  10. Hi , Last Autumn I purchased 2 Neps , an atlata/ ventrata (it was labelled as an atlata but it maybe a ventrata) & a coccinea. I overwintered the plants in my kitchen. I now wish to put the plants in my greenhouse for the season. Will it be safe to leave them in there overnight ? I know there is still a possibility of frosts until the end of May. Would these be likely to kill the plants or are these species tolerant of late frosts? The coccinea is a large plant- it cost £20 & I do not want to lose it . Thanks James
  11. Hi I have an Alton greenhouse, not as good as yours though. Mine is 6 foot wide and 8 feet long. I have had it for 8 years and in order to protect it from the elements I apply linseed oil to the exterior wood every other year.This brings the colour of the wood up nicely and provides a safe &, effective barrier to weathering. James.
  12. Advice required please. Over the last few years I have acquired 2 all red pitcher plants -Sarracenia flava var. atropurpurea from 2 reputable sellers. However, despite my best efforts these plants have never gained the excellent intense all red colouration I have seen on websites, particularly the F27 variety on Mike King`s website . I have tried the following ; a) The plants have been sited in the most south facing sunniest part of the garden. b) I have only potted them in moss peat as I have heard somewhere that mixing peat and sand will cause the plants to lose their red colouration. I think it is something to do with chemical reactions. c) I have tried to avoid re-potting (I have done it once in 5 years) as I have heard somewhere that re-potting also causes the pitchers to lose their red intensity. At the beginning of the season the pitchers look quite red but as the season progresses they lose much of their colouration and by July/August they are a drab red/green colour. Does anyone have any ideas over what I am doing wrong, or do the plants only achieve the intense all red colouration in their natural habitat ? What success have other forum members had with these plants ? James
  13. James W

    Red VFTs

    Thanks Aidan That`s a pretty comprehensive reply. James.
  14. James W

    Red VFTs

    Hi, Could someone please inform me of how many cultivars of all red VFTs there are. I am aware of Red Pirana,Royal Red,Red Burgundy & Red Dragon (which I believe is also known as Akai Ryu). Are there any more ? and, if so, what are they commonly known as ? Thanks James.