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  1. Hi at all, just to like: Cheers Natale
  2. Natale

    Ben’s mum

    Well done !!! Maybe in winter reduce the water if you use saucers.
  3. Hi at all, I've been asking myself for several years but I never had the courage to ask, she hasn't written on this forum for a long time, we also shared some plants, very Kind and Nice person, a long time ago she was very active on the forum, I hope everything is all ok for she. Cheers Natale
  4. Hi, yes the weather here is very mild, today we had 20°C!
  5. Hi at all, I am noticing that my sarracenia's plants are starting to wake up, I have already cut a couple of flowers. Ch Natale
  6. the authentic one is from Chris Rawlings, he sold several divisions on ebay at a fair and reasonable price.
  7. Many thank's The plant is really blooming for its growth and its pitchers.
  8. Hi at all, every year this plant amazes me more and more, in this session the pitchers are becoming white, the green veins are disappearing and some picthers have a pink brushed on the edge of the hat: Ch Natale
  9. Hi Fabrice, many thank's, you are right, it is call Morella plant too. Tomorrow I throw it. Many thank's Regards Natale
  10. Hi, I've been growing this plant for a year, initially I thought it was a tomato plant, now I don't know what it is: Can you help me? Many thank's Regards Natale
  11. Hi Alexis, I agree, I also like it very much, I prefer it