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  1. Hi at all, a little update: Cheers Natale
  2. Hi, Thanks to all for the appreciation, for now I do not want to disturb the plant, I would like to grow it to observe the kind of flower. Yes, great idea for the name! It is the fruit of this cross: S. Leucophylla ''Alba'', Very White Tops, Christian Klein X S. x Moorei 'Adrian Slack', Milton County, Florida, W, Barry Rice, H113 MK. Here are some pictures of the sisters of this clone:
  3. Ciao a tutti, Sono da tempo che non scrivo qui, ho smesso di crescere qualche anno fa, ho venduto la mia collezione lasciando solo due piante e un certo semenzale fatto da molte mie piante. Qui alcune foto di una mia piantina, doveva essere una S. Leucophylla X x Moorei ma trovo uno che sembra essere un bianco molto S. Leucophylla: Saluti Natale
  4. Natale

    super report on Darlings by meizwang

    this perhaps?
  5. Natale

    Darlingtonia House April 2014

    a great job Amazing!
  6. Natale

    Sarracenia picture..

  7. Natale

    Which S. "Goldie" have you got?

    I have spoken with Trevor, he confirmed that the real goldie Has always had a splash of red in the throat.
  8. Natale

    Stephen Morley's open day 14th June 2014

    Hi Stephen, sorry maybe this is not the right thread, but have you problems with In box-PM? Regards Natale
  9. Natale

    my collection

    a small collection that bodes well, very nice the s. purpurea in the first pic.
  10. Natale


    nice plant
  11. Many thanks for the compliments, I have done little for this plant, it is a clone impressive, many thanks Ian for your explanation, if it was not for you we would not have had the pleasure to have in yours collection this wonderful Leucophylla.
  12. Hi at all, I want to show you some photos of this beautiful S. leucophylla, this is a tribute to Ian Salter, it would be nice to know the history of this clone: Enjoy.
  13. Natale

    Sarracenia oreophila in Alabama

    Wonderful, thank's for sharing