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  1. Hi, I have been growing this plant for a year now, this clone has amazed me because it has exploded in growth, I have always kept it outside in the cold in winter and now it lives facing south-west in full sun. Natale.
  2. Now you have several opinions, the choice is yours
  3. Hi, the one I use is from another brand, but we are talking about the same product in this article. The important thing is to let the pasta dry well, you can keep the plant lying in a dish for the necessary time with the roots wrapped in a handkerchief and water, taking care to have the rhizome (and therefore the wound where you put the healing paste ) out of it to make it dry. After 1 day you can repot and remember to pot always keeping the rhizome out of the peat, this helps to have less problems in general as well as to keep the rhizome always clean from dead parts. Regards Natale
  4. Hi, Yes, it is very likely. My advice, you have to completely clean the rhizome from the dry parts, and start on the opposite side of the growth point to cut the rhizome into small slices, up to the white part of it. If you have grafting putty, smear it on the wound and let it dry and then repot the plant in new peat while keeping it out of the peat. Good luck Regards Natale
  5. Hi, very probable gnat larvae!
  6. Hi Serse, this is the shoot from the root of your plant. It's very impressive right from birth. Ch Natale
  7. Hi, Do you have any available seeds or little plant of this clone? Ch Natale
  8. I had never seen it before, truly gigantic!!!
  9. Hi at all, Here it is not very humid, then I'm lucky because I have a single balcony completely south. I will use the fertilizer (ox blood) on other plants, it is a shame to throw it away, while the cactus I will leave it dry, it will feed only on the typical humidity of the winter of the house. Thanks a lot for your reply. Best Regards Natale
  10. Hi Gary, I repotted the plant in early spring, I put a base of expanded clay on the bottom, the soil a mixture of acid peat of sphagnum and universal soil mixed with expanded clay, I do not use a specific fertilizer for cacti but the generic one (ox blood or other), the plant again this year has bloomed a lot and has become taller like every year. This year I noticed a lot of ants on them that I got rid of.
  11. Hi Gary, The problem is only on two ribs of the plant, only on one side, the part is smooth discolored to the touch, this morning I tried to clean the orange stains with a little alcohol but they don't come off
  12. Hi Magnus, I am in southern Italy, here the temperatures even in winter are very mild, the cactus was born and raised here, I have always kept it exposed to the south and always outside, no particular care, water every week sometimes with fertilizer, more often in spring and summer, nothing more. Could I do a treatment with some specific product?
  13. Hi at all, every opinion is welcome, we are in a forum and we are here to help us with our experiences, thank you all for this. Today I noticed some worsening, I think it really is an infection, if so please suggest me how to proceed, here are some photos unfortunately taken with the smartphone that accentuates the colors a little, note the orange spots. Waiting for opinions and solutions, thank you all. Regards Natale
  14. Hi Gary, the plant apart from the transfer that I had done in winter, I always kept it in the same place with the same care, the only thing that makes me doubt is that most likely I turned it on itself, so as you say ..... I hope only the lesser evil, a sunburn rather than an infection Many thank's for your reply Regards Natale