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  1. Hi at all, this is my cross: S. Leucophylla ''Helmut's Delight'', L81 MK X S. Flava var. Rubricorpora ''Black Tube''. I hope you like it.
  2. When it grows up we will have clearer ideas, I will update later with new photos making macros
  3. I'm sure it's not a succulent plant or something like that because it was born and currently lives with the conditions of a sarracenia, now in the sfagnera with high water levels
  4. Hi at all, a few years ago, I sowed some seeds of sarracenia obtained from crosses of my old plants. In the midst of these seedlings, this strange plant has grown and I transplanted it to the sfagnera last year. It is a very strange plant, with a hard consistency and in the upper parter this year it is giving birth to something. Does anyone have any idea what it is? Regards Natale
  5. Generally when there are ants there is also cochineal, they love to hide in the dry parts of the plant.
  6. I don't think the plant has rottenness, I have always grown my plants with completely uncovered rhizomes in order to check if there are parasites especially cochineal; In your place I discovered entirely the rhizomes and I would remove all the dry, no need to repot, just remove the superficial peat in excess
  7. Hi Alex, your plant is grown in home? Generally this behavior, if there are no obvious attacks due to insects, is typical of sudden changes in temperature / humidity. you can cut the dried ascidian too
  8. Hi at all, a little update: Cheers Natale
  9. Hi, Thanks to all for the appreciation, for now I do not want to disturb the plant, I would like to grow it to observe the kind of flower. Yes, great idea for the name! It is the fruit of this cross: S. Leucophylla ''Alba'', Very White Tops, Christian Klein X S. x Moorei 'Adrian Slack', Milton County, Florida, W, Barry Rice, H113 MK. Here are some pictures of the sisters of this clone:
  10. Ciao a tutti, Sono da tempo che non scrivo qui, ho smesso di crescere qualche anno fa, ho venduto la mia collezione lasciando solo due piante e un certo semenzale fatto da molte mie piante. Qui alcune foto di una mia piantina, doveva essere una S. Leucophylla X x Moorei ma trovo uno che sembra essere un bianco molto S. Leucophylla: Saluti Natale
  11. this perhaps?
  12. I have spoken with Trevor, he confirmed that the real goldie Has always had a splash of red in the throat.