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  1. Does anyone else have any suggestions or advice? Or any advice about humidity?
  2. Hi everyone, Quick intro: when I was younger I had a nice collection of CP's, but I had to quit the hobby because of my studies. Because I have a lot more spare time at the moment/in the foreseeable future, I've decided to get back at it :) However, it's been almost 10 years so some things have become foggy. So if someone could help me out real quick it'd be greatly appreciated! - When is the best time to purchase Sarracenias? (I'd think right after dormancy before they start growing?) - I discovered some leftover Sarracenia seeds in my fridge (stored in an envelope, so dry and cool). These must be 7 to 8 years old. I know the long period in the fridge isn't exactly beneficial, but hey, worth a shot right? I was thinking of putting them in an airtight ziplock bag with some finely chopped moist sphagnum for about 4 weeks to give them the required stratification. (in the fridge) - Do you guys think its worth the trouble? Or too old? - If some sarras germinate, would the seedlings be okay in a ventilated terrarium between SA drosera? (artificial light, temp. +/- 25). I'd keep them about 1 to 2 years in there to help them grow, after which i would gradually place them in less forgiving circumstances to make them more resilient. After all they have to get somewhat tougher for their first dormancy, right? - Would the same treatment described above (the stratification, germination and the first years in a terrarium between Drosera) also work for Darlingtonia and/or Dionaea? Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Mathijs P.S.: I have no idea which species of Sarracenia the seeds are from, but -as I never crossed species to get hybrids- they should be from a pure species ^^ (fingers crossed for leucophylla )
  3. I got my spathulata in 2006 from CZplants. It has grown a lot in those 3 years! Thanks for your replies!
  4. Some random pictures of the greenhouse: And last but not least my new tank, mainly for utrics. Most utrics have only just arrived from extreme-plants. I’m very satisfied with these plants. Overview: U.calyficida: U.warburgii: U.blanchetti: U.endresii: N.singalana: I hope you enjoyed!
  5. Hello everybody! I just wanted to show some pictures, I hope you‘ll like them. Sorry for the poor quality! First some pictures from my HL-terrarium: Overview: New N.veitchii pitcher opening. N.lowii: N.spathulata pitcher: Young N.inermis: N.gymnamphora basal: H.tatei, a very steady grower: N.hamata pitchers: N.rajah: It took me a year to get this tiny N.aristolochioides pitchering: U. alpina with its first flowerstalk: Deformed N.ramispina pitcher:
  6. Can anyone please tell if aristolochioides needs anything special in its soil? Mine grows very slow, and it won't pitcher.
  7. Very nice pics! How old are your Darlingtonia seedlings?
  8. Mathijs

    Sick ramispina

    It might be kept to wet?
  9. Are you sure that is a N.diatas?? Looks more like a N.spathulata to me...
  10. Very nice plants! Unfortunately my aristolochioides won't make any pitchers. Humidity is about 90%, so I don't know what the problem could be...
  11. Where did you buy it? It looks cute!
  12. Lovely plants and snake! What species is the snake?