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  1. so you were did you know it was worms?
  2. Problem is not at getting T5 HO tubes, I can buy them in my street actually, real problem is choosing the right ones...I think I have to start with lights and fixtures so I can decide in which dimensions should my shelves be made because they will be ordered and i have to calculate dimensions which i want. Question is: are these lights good? Do i need to add warm white? Combine all three (cool white, wam white and daylight)? And the wattage - they are available in 5 wattages:24, 39, 49, 54, 80W - the more wattage, the more lumens I get from them....and which Osram model would fit the best (Se
  3. In the near future I'm planning to install grow shells in my hall. I have no experience in indoor growing so for the last few weeks I've been reading about different solutions people used to make their terrariums, grow racks etc... I decided to go with the T5 HO tubes and give them a try...I've found few stores here in Croatia where I can get them but I also got a headache trying to figure out which ones are the best; lights in question are Osram Lumilux but they have so many models I got completely lost ((Seamless, Constant, XT, Energy Saver, De Luxe)... According to what I've read, I asume
  4. I don't know the answer but I had the same experience with my D.Aliciae last year - she looked like flowers could open any moment but they didn't, although I could see coloration...flower stalk dried during winter and fell off...But this year I'm getting all the flowers from the same plant so I guess you'll eventually get yours too
  5. OK, I decided to go the cheaper way because getting needed stuff here in Croatia is pretty hard - so my WFT was submerged for 24 hours. And then I could see little bastards floating. Like Alexis said: True that...if my next trap grows deformed do you think neem oil could help me with them? Because that's the only stuff I can buy here. Or better, if someone could send me link where I can order online safe insecticide for VFT.
  6. ok, for now i decided to submerge my plant but i don't know how to exactly do that...i put the whole pot with the vft in a bigger bowl filled with destilled water? and the water level is to where? to the top of the soil or ?
  7. Hi everyone, unfortunatelly my first topic on this forum is not the happiest one; a week ago my dear VFT started to show deformation in traps as you can see in a pics. I've read everywhere and the possible answer is a pest problem. I inspected the plant and the soil and can't seem to find anything moving/living on the plant and in the soil. I am very worried so maybe you can help me with some advices since this is the first time I experience this problem. What would you do in this case? Can i use neem oil? How can i identify pests if I cant find any? Is it possible that it is s
  8. i repotted mine and the pitchers kept on growing, even got the new one 3 days after repotting...but i didn't disturb roots and completely remove the old supstrate
  9. Hi CP lovers, I'm a noob for this hobby (1 year) but surely would like to learn more, more and more...ATM counting 6 plants (they all have names and personalty) which are forming anti-bug society at my balcony ;) c ya in all topics