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  1. First is SF11 from Phil wilson N.carolina. second is AS X LW and third is Laurens Hybrid,last is s.flava from miramar beach, seeds are available from these plants,i just posted the list
  2. It's not good to grow temperate pings inside long term.they should be outside in the cold weather for full And proper dormancy
  3. I can,t see any red in the leaves or dewy glands,so it looks like an alba to me,they are very common and cheap.they arrive in most collections as hitch hikers,posting doesn't, t do drosera,s any favours either,it,ll pick up soon
  4. Always stood in water? Very warm over summer? Root rot or sudden die off syndrome
  5. They are more tolerant whilst small,some will die over winter but you only want the strongest plants
  6. They will be fine,they grow up here without any protection at all
  7. Keep trying.old seed can still germinate next spring. I found some of my own old vft seed (six years old)and it still germinated great after a winter in a cold green house,same with 3yo ping seeds
  8. first of all,never cover cp seeds with anything,not even peat dusts. If they were stratified correctly,for 6-8 weeks with a touch of frost,the drosera and vft's should germinate in 6 weeks or so. ceph seeds are in a league of their own and germinate when they want to,sometimes years later. sarracenia seeds should be 6 weeks also but every now and then some just fail,i have loads germinate like cress this year except for one batch,the seeds looked fat and healthy but not one germinated, just a thought it might be a bit too warm for germination of some seeds at those temps,try lowering it a bit with a good drop at night
  9. i always sow temperate p[ng seed as soon as it is ripe. Some seed always germinate in the same season ,giving them a head start. The rest will germinate naturally the following spring.
  10. That,s a great show Phil,will you pollinate them?
  11. You will also have to spray the plants against greenfly attack ( it will happen)the outdoor growing season is much shorter too. One last thing,are those lumps of limestone around the plants?,most carnivorous plants hate lime.
  12. great location pictures jff.
  13. The sun was my biggest problem,it dried the rock out too much especially when it was garden gets sun all day,so unless I put it in a bucket full of water,I was constantly playing catch up watering the plants so they didn't, t burn in hot weather.I suppose you could set up a small solar pump now to do the job for me.
  14. you could try and remove the covering compost a bit,what have you got to lose?
  15. Cephalotus seed is notoriously difficult to germinate for some people(me included) it can take months to years! D.Muscipula should germinate in six weeks or so,i have had six year old seed germinate like cress,even my kids grew these from pollination to maturity without any help. D,anglica is the same,sarracenia seed if stratified should be the same. the only thing reading your post i would never do is , never cover any carnivorous plant seeds with anything! not even a light dusting as you say
  16. i have tried growing pings on large lumps of limestone. I drilled half inch diameter holes in them with a drill,filled this with peat and put the hibernacula in this. They grew quite well but watering them was a problem for me in the sun. Even standing them in large saucers of water was a problem in full sun,so i gave up. I have moved all my temp pings outside now,just covered by a metal mesh box i made to stop the birds,they only get limited direct sun now so i may try again with the limestone lumps ada
  17. Those are great results!!!!! did you feed them? Its always very rewarding to see other growers doing really well with seed grown plants originally supplied by me. thanks for showing your excellent results
  18. They should germinate around the same time.Are they getting the same amount of light? My sarracenia seed germinated early this year,except for two pots.these were not quite as well lit as the rest,so I moved them into direct sun.A couple of weeks later they germinated fine. Slight differences can make all the difference!
  19. o.k,no greenhouse and bad weather explains the poor growth,
  20. It's very late to be growing its first pitchers? Even mine have been open for weeks now. It also looks like they need more light to me. It looks like the first pitcher has grown up into another pitcher to bend like that.
  21. good, it can make them very "green" and prone to botrytis over winter if they don't use the fertilizer in their system