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  1. Any pictures? Laurent.
  2. Hello, I must say that much of my passion for carnivorous plants comes from Adrian Slack's book "How to grow canivorous plants?" This book is more than a book on carnivorous plants. His drawings, his style have made me read and reread this book dozens of times. I even remember that he thanked a brand of whiskey! But I do not know who he was in life, maybe I'll find some answers. This book made me dream a lot, it was a gold mine, and 25 years later I continue to grow these plants... Good bye Mr. Slack. Laurent. (France)
  3. Laurent

    Tallest Sarracenia flower

    Hi Keith, I have a leucophylla flower at 35-36 inches. Laurent.
  4. salut laurent


    dit moi ton lot est encore dispo?

    si oui je te le prend


  5. Laurent

    Rooting cuttings

    Thank you for this article. I'm happy to know I'm not alone to try this. I had success last year with alata A28 so I did a few cuttings this spring and we'll see. Laurent.
  6. Laurent

    Your tallest Sarra ?

    Hello, This is F143 Mike King, a tall flava rugelii. Around 100 cm (9-9.5 cm for the mouth). This is the tallest rugelii I grow. Regards, Laurent.
  7. Laurent

    Mike King's open day June 11th 2016

    Thanks for the pictures. Laurent.
  8. Hello, This is a picture I took last year in my greehouse: I did nothing for that result. Laurent.
  9. Laurent

    Borneo 2014

    Quelle chance, bravo!
  10. So nice... I'm speechless. You're very lucky!
  11. Laurent

    Sarracenia Leucophylla with a black background

    Nice plants, as always!