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  1. So after an extended hiatus of several years I’m now nearly back in a position to start growing Sarracenia once again. I’ll have to try an experiment this year as this has always interested me but has anyone ever seen how much difference there is in a plant’s growth and vigour that’s grown in say 6 hours of direct sun, compared to 8 or 9 or even 10 plus? I’ve always been fortunate enough to be towards the end of that scale. For the record I’m talking about growing in a greenhouse. I’d be interested to see the results of taking two or more of the same clone alongside a control plant and controlling the levels of sun exposure to each to observe differences in pitcher robustness, height, colour etc How much sun do your greenhouses get and are you satisfied with your plants growth habits?
  2. Morning all, Any idea what these brown patches are around the lid and throat of the pitcher? I’d hope it’s nothing more suspicious than where a build up of heat in the greenhouse has burnt the pitcher- it does get a lot of sun this time of year, about 13 hours. I’ve got a few plants where the edges of the lid have browned slightly, which I am pretty sure is burning, but in regards to this patterned botching as seen in the picture, only this and one other plant are displaying it out of about 90 plants in the greenhouse. Interestingly, the other plant displaying these symptoms, a rugelii, was also doing it last year. Thanks, Chris.
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  4. Hi Mike, I am hoping to attend on Saturday as I haven’t been able to make the previous two open days you’ve held. I’m keen to see your new set up. I could potentially be bringing a +1 along too. Edit: Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this one either. Chris.
  5. Ok thanks. Is mid to late August normal then? Dormancy did cross my mind but I thought it must be too early, perhaps not. I believe last year they didn't start going dormant for about another month from now, with the hibernacula fully formed by early October.
  6. Hi, Would anyone know what is happening to these grandifloras? They are all progressively growing smaller leaves that are long and thin, as opposed to them being a lot broader when I first purchased the plants. The plant in the first image aside from the small leaves looks OK, but the second and third images show what looks like white fuzzy mould growing around the crown, with quite a few leaves browning too. I haven't suddenly altered the growing conditions so can't understand these strange growth habits. They are kept outside in a sunny location (direct sun most of the day - too much?), watered with rain water only, via the tray method. Thanks.
  7. Hi all, I'm looking to purchase some auto openers for my greenhouse roof vents, but I would imagine that during the winter, they wouldn't open due to insufficient temperature inside the greenhouse. From a hygiene and airflow perspective during dormancy, can the openers be manually overridden? If not do you simply suffice with having only the door open in milder weather, and leave the auto openers to do whatever? For the summer months, how easily (if at all) can they be calibrated to operate at a specified temperature? Many thanks, Chris.
  8. A collection of recent photos: And finally, the Ping has given up for the winter! Thanks for looking and please ask any questions, Chris.
  9. Hi Richard, Thank you for the offer of a lift, that's very kind. On this occasion I will drive myself as I'm going straight over to a friends house afterwards. In any case I shall meet you on Saturday. Chris.
  10. All, I am a relative newcomer to this hobby, having been growing Sarracenia for about 6 to 7 years now. I have never been to an open day before; the closest I've got was a visit to PJ plants in Herefordshire which I really enjoyed, so I would very much like to attend the open day and pick up some tips! What I would like to know is what is the typical format of the day, and is bringing plants to sell/swap expected? As I am developing/growing my collection, I do not currently have what you might call "surplus" clones to trade, but I would definitely be keen to make some purchases. Chris.
  11. A selection of recent photos from the greenhouse: Flava x Alata Red Lid. d. Catesbaei. Popei. Rugelii. Minor var. Okefenokeensis. Alata. Brook's Hybrid. Flava var. Ornata, Bay County, Florida. Flava var. Flava, Dinwiddie, Virginia. VFT B52, colouring up and sizing up. Flava var. Maxima, North Carolina. Moorei. Slack's Maxima. Hope you enjoyed the photos, Chris.
  12. Hi, thanks for replying. I rather hoped you would as you took the time to answer to the other related thread I started. I will admit it has made me worry a little about my use of Moorland Gold in case this has something to answer for! It's just odd in my mind that even after repotting the plant, the water it is in has such a high PPM reading, but water trays containing other plants also potted up with Moorland Gold, do not, as even those trays have collected a degree of sediment that has washed out of the pots. I'm tempted to uproot the plant again, thoroughly wash the roots, and put it into some light and airy live sphagnum, sit in fresh water, and re-test the water in a couple of days.
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