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  1. FredG

    Haenaria Radiata

    The correct name for the White Egret Flower, Fringed Orchid or Sagiso is Pecteilis radiata, so you're comparing apples and pears
  2. Use this and then forget they ever existed.
  3. I placed an order, I was invoiced quickly, I paid and received the plants in 6 days. Packaging was excellent and each plant was at least 2 sometimes 10. I couldn't possibly fault the service or the plants They're on my recommended list
  4. That's odd, I had an order from them this month
  5. It's more dependent on the age/health of the grower.
  6. The water I'm using at present has been in storage since last year in capped barrels. I've stored rainwater for several years in a sealed container and when the time came I used it straight from that container. Don't bother faffing about with the mini barrel, just use it direct from your rainwater reserves.
  7. As everyone should know, Drosera regia seedlings only starve to death if grown unnaturally in sterile conditions, indoors under lights. Grown more naturally in a greenhouse with natural light they do just fine.
  8. It will need to be below -18C (0F) then. I've had it survive that There's one Drosera rotundiflora in the pot, remove it when it's dormant and clean all medium off and re-pot in clean medium. You could probably do the same with those D. capensis seedlings as the roots will be thick enough by late autumn.
  9. That's Utricularia bisquamata a notorious pernicious weed in cp collections. DO NOT LET IT SEED
  10. You don't know what I voted, I haven't said, or did you get independent information on that too? You keep saying experts in their field. As Norman Tebbit said on Friday morning. If these "experts" knew as much as they pretend, they'd be a lot richer than they are. Anyway, that's enough, you are obviously enjoying wallowing in the pessimistic pool far too much,so I'll leave to to it