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  1. Still slowly waking up here in Bimringham but am enjoying the show this year :) A very small selection but ones that are looking nice at the moment.
  2. A product that can help though not aimed at plants is Chinosol. Though its wont stop Botrysis it has helped me in the past. Like Stephen says, ventaliation and light are better prevention measures.
  3. Just make sure you have adequate lighting. The normal heat lamps will not do ! Other than that, your neps should love these conditions to be honest.
  4. Hi Dunc, which leucophylla survived ? All of them ? Have been led to believe they dont like the cold wet winters though maybe this isnt true for all of them ?
  5. Not only giacomo but I would like any info also. I know the plant came from Ross Kavanagh however not sure if Ross is on the boards or not. Being a small plant I have no recent pictures but it must be in a few other collections.
  6. Not been brave enough to drop it that low but this year I had an average of around 5c with no obvious signs of damage. Previous year I kept it around 8c and the drop, to 5c, doesn't seem to have hurt them, still continued to grow (very slowly) and flower.
  7. -=Joel=-

    Cutting back

    I try to do it just before the flower spikes start to show as it prevent accidentally knocking, chopping them off. Any time in the next few weeks should be ideal :)
  8. I use the garland 2ft square trays as the fit perfectly in the greenhouse, no wasted space ! Anyone local to this place can pick up supplies in bulk, cuts the cost down on pots & labels bhgsltd. They will deliver too but havent a clue how good or bad that service is. Again, I buy the slightly more expensive, TEKU pots, but they should last a long time so to me makes more sense.
  9. The Garland trays are very good value, mainly because they will last you an age. Garland Trays If you have got access to the main you could make something like this, automatic top up. Just a pump in a water bucket set on a timer really :)
  10. Some interesting pictures and is good to see someone giving LED's a real go. I bet there is to the cost of running them though ! How long will it take to break even with the savings from the LED's ? If you go down the diy route, would you make the light more friendly to human eyes ? Keep the same number of blues & reds but maybe add a few whiter LED's ? Cant help but think the plants under the white light "look" healthier to the human eye and possibly easier to see any possible health problems ? Keep up the good work, Joel
  11. Two that are free to use are: Photofiltre & Paint.NET Both fairly easy to use and have decent support from users.
  12. I now keep mine at a lowest of 6.5C. All the neps seem to do fine and even continue to flower & grow. Haven't a clue how relevant it is but I have a constant flow inside the greenhouse to prevent stale air & also helps to prevent cold spots within the greenhouse.
  13. Your insurance will be invalid if not done properly. DONT TAKE THE RISK. They are wise to the tricks now and they will do anything NOT to pay out on a claim if the worse happens. I (22 year old) have found tesco compare website the best for prices. Once the price is found ring the top 5 searches and get a quote over the phone, then play one against the over for the best price. Yes it may be 2 or 3 hours of work but you will save a few £100. I have insured a 1.8 astra SRI for just over £2k with no no claims and am currently running a fabia VRS for £1200 with 1 years no claims. Fingers crossed this year it will drop again. Good luck
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