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  1. The Carnivorous Plant Society will be at RHS Harlow Carr Gardens on Saturday 10th August and Sunday 11th August, for the Carnivorous plant weekend, along with Wacks Wicked Plants. There will be talks and demonstrations. Free entry to CPS members on production of a valid membership card.
  2. We have been accepted for The RHS Tatton Flower Show this year, running from Wed 17th July until Sun 21st July. If anyone would like to help out for a day or more on the Carnivorous Plant Society stand, please do let me know as soon as possible and I can give you more details. Thanks
  3. That’s fab, thanks. I’ll definitely do that
  4. Thanks Dunc, it’s mainly Neps and possibly a few tropical Drosera I’m wanting to keep in there. Due to space in the house I’m having to get rid of my terrarium but the greenhouse has arrived, so I’m just waiting on my friend to help me erect it.
  5. Since moving and having space, I’ve now obtained a 6x4 greenhouse (glass and aluminium) that we’re planning on heating for tropical carnivorous plants (although they do have to share it with my Mum’s orchids). What is the best way to insulate it? Summer time won’t be an issue but I’m thinking come winter time it will benefit from being insulated.
  6. Try the local garden centres, I bought a small bag in one near us.
  7. DATE :- Saturday 25th May 2019 TIME:- 12pm - 5pm PLACE:- East Horsley Village Hall Kingston Avenue East Horsley Leatherhead  KT24 6QT
  8. Everyone is still a member
  9. Good evening, I have many seeds, pass me your address to send some, please.

    Regards, Sandra Mantoani

  10. I will put this suggestion to the rest of the committee, Dunc.
  11. We will be doing so.
  12. Temperate plants in dormancy should be fine, but I wouldn’t buy tropical plants to come through the postal system at this time of year.