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  1. Picavorus


    DATE :- Saturday 25th May 2019 TIME:- 12pm - 5pm PLACE:- East Horsley Village Hall Kingston Avenue East Horsley Leatherhead  KT24 6QT
  2. Picavorus

    CPS Issues

    Everyone is still a member
  3. Good evening, I have many seeds, pass me your address to send some, please.

    Regards, Sandra Mantoani

  4. Picavorus

    CPS Issues

    I will put this suggestion to the rest of the committee, Dunc.
  5. Picavorus

    CPS Issues

  6. Picavorus

    CPS Issues

    We will be doing so.
  7. Picavorus

    When to buy plants

    Temperate plants in dormancy should be fine, but I wouldn’t buy tropical plants to come through the postal system at this time of year.
  8. Picavorus

    Have I killed my seeds?

    At least some of them should still come up fine. I don't usually expect to see germination until April or May from my Sarracenia seeds, that I tend to sow around Christmas time and place in an unheated polytunnel.
  9. I’m always attracted to the plants ‘sick bay’ as well in gardens centres. I just refer to them as hybrids, as you can’t guarantee that they are what you think, especially if you trade divisions of them in the future. There are many cultivars which look very similar to each other, or seed grown plants that are almost identical to a particular cultivar, which they definitely aren’t. Always better to be safe.
  10. Picavorus

    Where's my rain?

    We’re Dark Peak, so that explains why it’s so low for us. A total godsend in this dry weather
  11. Picavorus

    Where's my rain?

    Quite feasible, as I know a few people not far way who are in Lancashire and have similar TDS levels. We never have to de-scale any appliances either.
  12. Picavorus

    Where's my rain?

    True, we are very lucky to have extremely soft water round here. Highest it’s ever tested here is 61.
  13. Picavorus

    Where's my rain?

    The TDS of our tap water only measures 47 straight from the tap
  14. Really fed up as can’t manage to get down due to a nightmare unfolding here