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  1. Hi, Has eneybody used coco husk for their Heliamphora before?
  2. Hi, is this ok to use for cps? Diall Lava rock 2.5kg from B and Q.
  3. It's the one that people use for their nepenthes greenhouse let's in light but keeps temperature down.
  4. Hi, Where can I buy aluminium shade netting from in the UK? Just cannot find it anywhere...
  5. I grow this lot in a unheated glasshouse all year in the uk. Binata Binata v Dichotoma 'Giant Binata 'Otaki Forks' Binata v Multifida f Extrema Capenis Dichotoma ExtremaFiliformis Regia
  6. Hi, Can someone please help me with my sarracenia this year was all repoted into fresh peat and perlite mix at 2/1 and all has flower for me,but about half of them has not sent up eney pitchers at all? All grown outside in a glasshouse year round in full sun.
  7. I was thinking of potting them in sphagnum moss, but it would cost me £££ as I have a lot of plants...
  8. Just a update on my VFT before I repot them for the summer.I use rain water for them at 10 ppm or lower and peat/ perlite mix,but I have just tested my peat with rain water and the ppm gos up to 105ppm.Could peat be my problem?
  9. I'm 100% it's not got enough light,as mine has nice red leaves all the time.
  10. I would say about 80% of my Venus flytraps do this each summer. Plus it's more the outer Edge venus fly traps what is more affected in Mid summer. I use rain water only, plus shamrock peat moss and horticultural perlite only at 50/50 mix, I have noticed the thermometer in the greenhouse has hit 47 degrees over the last few weeks, as the greenhouse is in full sun from morning till sunset.
  11. So if it's not the temperature at this time of the year,what could it be?
  12. Been checking all you said and the only thing I can see is the temperature in the greenhouse as been at 42c over the last few weeks, so with them being in black pots as well it looks like heat stress?
  13. Yes using rain water at 6ppm for all my other cp as well.
  14. Mine looks like the photo above all summer until the spring when they burst back into life. So next year I might shade the greenhouse a little over the summer months and see what happens.
  15. They are in shamrock peat moss and perlite at 50/50 mix.I only have this problem in mid summer.