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  1. hi stefan, thanks for you answer.. did you use also perlite/bark/coco cips mixed with coconut fiber or just coconut fiber??
  2. Hi!! i know that coconut fiber is often high in salt..but what about mixing coconut fiber and peat and perlite, like 30:50:20 in part. can coconut's chips replace the perlite?
  3. Hello everyone! in some of these days I'm repotting nepenthes and I'm using for the substrate coconut fiber, coconut chips, peat and perlite. in particular, coconut's media are both excellent materials for aerate the substrate, they degrade slowly, do not alter the pH of the peat. I was wondering whether it is possible to use them for Sarracenia. in particular I would have thought of using coconut chips with perlite, peat and possibly add to a fair amount of coconut fiber for sarracenia substrate.. I read that the coconut is often used in hydroponic systems with good results. no one has experience on this? cheers
  4. Hi everyone! i've received this plant from Joel this winter and i just wanna know soemthing about this cross (in particular, with which parent it has been cross) can someone posts a photo of this plant during the growing season to compare this clone with the original "brook's hybrid"?? best regards!
  5. Hi Rogier!! thanks for your answer. the healing glue i'm going to test, contains hormones that can be able to prevent fungi attacks, or some other diseases, like phytium; it can be comparable to a "barrier" against diseases- i'll test this technique on two S. x readii divisions, that cames from the same motherplant. i think that this special glue can make the healing process more rapid than the natural process, and I hope that every division can be healty and vigorous. I have one dubt only : this healing glue is not for carnivorous plant, but for conifers (infact it is used for bonsai). I'll test the glue as soon as possibile, and I'll make some photographs........ best regards
  6. hey, no one can say nothing about this technique????
  7. hi Guys!!!! winter is coming and I have some sarracenias to divide. i Know that when a plant has an opened wound is more susceptible to diseases. to prevent these diseases, like cancer of the rhizome or phytium, I usually take some sphagnum moss fiber and stand near the wuonld. but my friend,bonsai grower, advise me that there is a Japanese healing glue, that contains hormones which are able to help the plant in this process. Furthermore, this adhesive does not form a hard film on the subject, but remains soft and when the plant has completed the healing process, loses this amount of putty. I think it could be very useful to make the strongest divisions of our pitcher plant ... nobody has ever tried something like that????? kind regards!!