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  1. PS I have three (2 big, one a bit smaller, can't remember the litres) for a 13 x 8 g/h plus lots of CPs outside. No where like enough this year so my RO was running overtime. Previous I've JUST managed - saved by a storm.
  2. You'll always have one less than you actually need!
  3. I use just one 30w tube to keep my 80% bubble insulated 13 by 8 greenhouse frost free. So I'd say they've OK- I don't have it on a thermostat either. For really cold spells I have 3kw greenhouse fan heater but didn't need it at all last winter! I used to have 4 in my conservatory on a thermostat and they did the job there too. Fairly efficient as heating goes.
  4. Dunc

    Drosera binata weak point

    Agree, it looks like the little fella needs a bit more sunshine. Where are you growing it? There's also hints it might be in a drying draft (hot or cold). The centre looks good so probably not too much to worry about. Wait till spring and it'll really get going!
  5. Hope this is OK to post here? I've been (am!) working through re-potting and dividing all my clivia - some haven't been done for over a decade. The result is I've quite a few up for grabs now and have started to list some of these on ebay if anybody else grows them. Very happy to consider exchange with other clivia or CPs from anyone on here too (would even prefer). If you want to see those on ebay just search clivia miniata or seller dr.d2b. Thanks
  6. Not a big area to heat so if you're under a kW then check out the Microclimate Evo too. Aimed at vivs and not cheap but control and on screen record good.
  7. Dunc

    Drosera Magnifica In Cultivation

    Hard to tell if it's good news it's growing again or if it's more of close to death pangs! Interesting to see how folk are getting on with this, whatever the current outcomes. PS your other drosera look excellent although I'd never heard of bindoon before....
  8. Dunc

    Growing Drosera Regia in the UK

    Mine have only been in the g/h so have always had a winter chill. I've split one this year so might try keeping one warm next year (it's too late now as they're dying down) and see now I've got a few spare.
  9. I wish these folk could be eradicated from eBay - along with the blue plants and other "rare" oddities! If you'd like real vft seed I'll happily send you some for a sae.
  10. Dunc

    Growing Drosera Regia in the UK

    Might depend on where you are in the UK? Here, N Hants, I grow in an insulated greenhouse with minimal heating over winter - to keep frost free but occasionally below zero C. Seems fine with this.
  11. Bought the wife one last Christmas! Best tenner ever spent the fun she has with it - if you think a fly's good then try a wasp in flight.... Plus, I get the carcasses to feed my plants! There's also a superb review on Amazon that'll have you wetting yourself laughing.
  12. Dunc

    Drosera Magnifica In Cultivation

    Condolences on your loss Rob-Rah. Any picture to show? Do you know how the other lucky growers have got on? Do you know of anymore seed/plants being available for further trials?
  13. Dunc

    Forum problems

    Seems to be a lot quicker this morning!
  14. Depends on where you are and how much risk you're prepared to take. A heater will at least give you the option to use if needed. I initially heated - plants survived anything and grew earlier but grey mould could be an issue. It also did show on my electricity bill! I now just use a 30w tube heater to keep it frost free (but occasionally a deg or two below zero overnight) and everything survives. I've quite a few outside all year too. Neps and helis don't thrive and tropical pings and tropical drosera struggle so depends on what you want to grow. I have my neps and genlisea in my conservatory - normally 10 deg min. I still have the 3kw heater but have only used for a few nights each year and it's turned down very low but last few winters have been quite mild in the south of UK.
  15. My mother has some sarracenia like this that I gave her in her pond north of Manchester. I think they're all simple hybrids but they've done fine like that for over a decade!