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  1. Couldn't agree more. One of my favourite nurseries closed last year (massive range of unusual tomatoes, peppers, herbs, etc every year but few tropicals). Redeveloped and now reopened as a modern garden centre! Big shop, big cafe, lots of tat, but few houseplant (expensive, £30 for a small nep) and limited range of outside stuff - trained trees for £300!! I went once to look - will never go again. The others have gone 'Whyvale' with just two independents left, both doing very limited houseplants as they have to compete with the chains on the tat :-(
  2. Dunc

    Lost posts

    You're paying for this service Richard? They should be paying you! We all know you're trying your best so good luck with getting it stable again. We'll all be waiting to chip in.
  3. True! The rest are watching the ICPS posts on facebook leading up to the conference. Pure CP porn?
  4. Dunc


    Got the t-shirt for doing this in the past too. Also leaving the small pump on in my outside butt that I use for transferring water into the greenhouse. Result, empty butt and burnt out pump.....
  5. Dunc

    Fake vft or not

    If you want typical vft seed I'll send you some for a sae! They'll be open pollinated so could be pollen from any of my 30 odd types but the mother plants are typs (these are the ones I don't notice setting seed in all my sarras). They will be freshly collected on the day I put in your envelope though.
  6. Some double sided 'gorilla tape'? It's a pain to get off afterwards but you can and it'll probably work.
  7. Dunc

    Brown Patches on Pitcher Problem

    Looks like a bit of heat damage to me? After the last few weeks of a UK summer some of my CPs not looking their best either (plus less than ideal watering as I was away for 4 weeks). As normal programmes resume the plants normally pick up.
  8. Dunc

    Sarracenia Gluttony

    Normal with plants outside! Never seen a pitcher not full and rotting by the end of the season - guess this is why they grow new ones each year... Learn to love it - a sign of well fed plants. Wasps are worse as they can sometimes chew their way out!!
  9. Thanks & apols - knocked out quickly on my phone, should have fully spelled it!
  10. Dunc

    Any Saving my Darlingtonia?

    Looks like it'll not be much of a looker for the rest of this year! Should come back fine next. Not sure what your infestation was but if you can put the plant outside the birds will strip them off fairly quickly.
  11. Dunc

    Dead Darlingtonia

    Try potting up into a bigger pot (any colour!). Darlingtonia have quite a wandering root system. Give it room and they thrive. Small plants in tiny pots is not the way to successfully grown these. They're quite happy outside too.
  12. Had similar a few times - not a nice smell (but the plants don't mind). Tend to take it as a hint that the butt needs a wash out - 'stuff' washes in with the rain. Once the rains return. A couple of small crystals of pot permang in the butt will often kill the smell for a while if it gets too overpowering.
  13. Dunc

    Collapsed pitcher

    It happens every so often - don't worry and just leave as is until it dies back. A strong wind can do a fair bit of pitvher bending too!
  14. Not sure as never thought of that! My 'waste' water is around 450 tds so just collect it in a watering can and use on the garden as its been so dry. If I was to guess then I'd probably say it's not worth it. If I was buying again I'd probably go for a unit with a higher output as I only got a 75 l per day job.