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  1. Hi Everyone, I've got some Belfast sinks and I'm wishing to make a bog gardens with them, but I believe it was on here I see a set up method using the plug/strainer with a pipe coming off the bottom threaded part running along the bottom of the sink then coming up the back on the outside of the sink stopping at the desired overflow height. Does anyone remember or know where this thread is please, as I have tried to find it again and failed miserably. Many thanks, Lee
  2. I'll be interested in how you get on as my other half wants the bungalow roof done but I've dug me heals in... how long would you run it for? I do have a water but on the greenhouse and the pending new potting shed coming next month.
  3. gardenofeden, please can i ask is this plant kept on a windowsill inside or greenhouse etc... mine is on a south facing windowsill inside and is going great guns I'll photo it tomorrow.
  4. Hi Jasper, Thank you for your feedback, it's very much appreciated sadly yes she was from a garden centre so in all probability my Penny is a "fake weser". I had a gut feeling something was afoot since joining cpuk and reading past posts, either way I'm happy with her but note to self... no more garden centre plants!
  5. It's happened Penny's has finally opened for the first time... I take it she is Pingicula 'Weser' then?
  6. Hi All, As the title says "Not long now" until Penny the Pingicula flowers for the first time under my guardianship.... She was bought as a Pingicula 'Weser' from the local garden centre, I'm hoping that's the case... I'll post an updated photo when shes opened up fully for your options... Many thanks Bb
  7. Unfortunately I seem to be experiencing the same problem, they are full to a inch or two below the top lid and now a few of the pitchers are getting brown blotches on them at the maximum bug level in the pitchers. Again they are outside in a sunny location but the recent heat wave did attract many flies mainly blue bottles...
  8. Headley Down, Hampshire near the Hindhead tunnel...
  9. Sorry to ask but as a new boy to all this why is Sycamore trading stuff suspect? I am also looking to get a bale of peat myself.
  10. I was hoping to pop along the weekend after next for there open weekend, i believe. I've never been there before not to far for me really 45 minutes must likely.
  11. Hi All, Just wanted to say hi as I'm the new boy on the block. I'm new to carnivorous plant keeping... I have x2 Pingicula "Weser", x1 VFT from Homebase and x1 Sarracenia 'Vogel'... that's all for now!!! Hopefully going to do a sink in the garden with hardy species next spring, but my Pingicula's will remain sciarid fly catchers in the house... That's all for now, BB