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  1. Guy the flowers will need to have been pollinated to get any seed from them. If they were outside there is a chance they may have been pollinated by bees and insects, in a greenhouse most growers will pollinate them themselves to obtain seed. You will not know if they will produce any seed until later in the year. Over the Summer the seed pod will swell and by the Autumn it will turn brown and start to split and this is the time to collect the seed. Dave
  2. Hi Mick, I'm also from Nottingham and pleased to say I am not a Forest supporter . Dave
  3. Like Ada I grow my Sarracenia, Cephs and vft's in an unheated greenhouse without any issues. The only ventilation they get when it is hot is provided by the automatic opening roof vents. Dave
  4. You should be able to get bottles of deionised water from places like Halfords quite easily. Depending on how much water you need you can get reverse osmosis water from an aquarium shop. I am getting 25 litres for £3.00 but you will need your own containers. If you go down this route just make sure it is pure RO water and that it hasn't had minerals added. Dave
  5. What conditions are you growing them in i.e. inside/outside, amount of light they receive, watering etc ?
  6. Welcome to the forum Tea.
  7. If you do get a ceph the one thing you will need to keep an eye on is powdery mildew. Previously I used to bring my cephs in to the house over winter for protection but because of the lack of ventilation powdery mildew could be a problem. Because of this, and because I now have too many to bring in, I leave them in my greenhouse all year round. Dave
  8. The size is 6mm which is probably slightly larger than I was looking for but to be honest isn't too bad. It was either use it at this size or get the lump hammer out so I decided to stick with it Dave
  9. I managed to get two 25kgs bags of granite chippings from a local builders merchants for less than a fiver !
  10. 3Star

    Cut back?

    I leave the phyllodia, as they help with photosynthesis, and just cut back any old pitchers. Dave
  11. Thanks for the replies folks, especially you Phil for braving the elements and checking what it said on the bag ! When I googled granite grit the RHS stuff did come up but looking at images of it on the internet I couldn't see where it said granite on the packaging so was a little unsure whether it was or not. I think that has now been answered. I will probably trawl a few more of the local garden centres to see what I can find and if I can't turn anything up go down the route you have Stephen and just go with the perlite. Dave
  12. I have finally managed to get hold of some Melcourt Growbark Pine and I now intend to start repotting my plants in to Mike King's suggested mix of Growbark Pine/granite grit/perlite. Mike uses 2-4mm grade grit and I was wondering if anyone has any advice on a suitable brand and where I might obtain some without paying a fortune in postage ! I have looked in some local garden centres and although they stock potting grit (which is the required grade) it isn't granite. Dave
  13. 3Star


    Welcome to the forum Margot.
  14. I leave all my plants in my greenhouse over winter including Leah.