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  1. Hi guys and galls, I have been a very grateful member of this community many years now. How ever I have been in the Amazon and Patagonia the past three years so had little way to keep up with the online thing. A number of members where incredibly kind and sent me seed when I first settled over there so I could keep growing. I got back a few weeks ago and now have a room close to Kentish Town. I will only have a windowsill for the next year but will get growing non the less! Hope you are well! If anyone is in London and fancy's chatting or selling some seeds let me know! All the best!!! Chris
  2. Hi all I know this is rather the wrong way round. So I know a lot of Brazilions use the forum and since I am moving there soon I hoped to make some friends with the same interest's as me! I am English and havebeen keeping CP's in the UK for about 7 years. I would be really pleased to have any advice on making friends in Rio Branco with people who like plants. Many thanks!! Chris
  3. Thanks all! Hey Richard, sorry took so long but computer had a virus. To be honest I think I will take out the Drosera that I have, I bought these on impulse and they dont really fit my plan. My order of about 7 different Utrics arrived and have been added so look forward to seeing which like it. What I liked is that when it rains, the table fill's with water, and only slowly drains down to a level after hours :) One very BIG PROBLEM I have thought of with this is! In the winter here I will not be able to keep them drier as they should be, since there fed by down pipes, if it rains, and it does here in the winter then they will be wet..... Problem to fix in time :)
  4. My hope is that the little riverlets of sand will let the water move more easily through while the Peat/sand mix will be a little slower. This I hope will satisfy different CP. Lets see!
  5. Hey, and hello from London South. You will get lots of great advice here. The south facing I am sure will give you plenty options. I will have some D binata I can split up and give you some soon.
  6. Thanks all, very welcoming and some good tips too. This is it "built" I now need it to settle and grow in. I am not the kind of grower who has things in pots on shelves, no criticism of that style but it will make my methods and ideas make a tiny bit more sense I hope :) I have two tropical greenhouses which are completely wild, things growing on one another all over the place. I like to see the competition and the development. SO my next question is, could any one provide me with weed species from the above suggested region, ie South Africa, as that seems to be the area I focus on. So if you have weeds pop up that might have originated there, having been sent a plant or some thing I would be very happy to give those weeds a good home. I will enjoy showing you all the development of this bed as time go's on! Thanks! Chris
  7. This is what I did today, Its fed rain water by two down pipes. It has an over flow. My main interest is Utrics, which over time I will plant this up with. For now I got a tray of mixed CP to see how it works. If any one has any grass/weed plants or seeds from terrestrial Utric areas I would be very great full! Thanks, Chris
  8. Hello, my name is Chris. I did live for some years in Buckinghamshire where I had a large greenhouse in which I grew a range of orchids and CP's. I recently moved to south London and have had to start from a fresh. I now have two heated orchid houses which are coming on very well! I have just built a table 62cm x 177cm with 10cm depth. It has a down pipe from the roof feeding it fresh rain water. I have ordered lots of washed sands and small grade gravel and just need to order peat now. My interset is mainly Utric's. The above table has been built to grow them in. The table sits in front of an east facing window. I would really appriaciate some suggestions of terrestrial Utric's BUT my main need of help is one I faced last time I grew CP's, which is, I really like my plants to grow with typical companion plants, essentially the weeds to be found around the Utrics, I would REALLY like any help with sourcing there seeds and or plants. I am more then happy to either pay or make swaps for orchids or trade help with growing orchids. Many thanks, Chris
  9. Oi Jonathan, tudo bem?? Could you tell me what you know about the soil composition? as I would like to mimic it with a biotope I am building. Many thanks, Chris
  10. Hi, I intend to start growing some of the Drosera from sandy soils in Brazil. I would all so like to grow Utricularia from that area and Australia. Please advise me on the ideal mixture of materials for these. Many thanks! Chris
  11. Hey, I am in South London, East Dulwich. I did have a big temperate bog garden in a greenhouse but moved house and it has taken until now to get things in order again. Is there any one in the London area who grows Utricularia and Drosera that would be willing to make some small divisions? I will bring cash. Many thanks! Chris
  12. Hi all, I have a few large viv's that I would like to get some Neps in. The temp is a steady 25ish in there and about 60/80% humidity. Any suggestions on what Neps would like it in there? Ta! Chris.