ICPS Conference 2016, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: 5-7 August

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Dear all. An update on the ICPS 2016 Conference.   Please note: you do not need to be a member of The CPS or of any other cp society to attend the Conference.   Best wishes   Tim   ICPS Confer

Any plans to put the talks on YouTube? - Last videos the ICPS posted were from 2010 and there is at least one lecture from this year I'd love to see.   There are 2 videos in Spanish from a visitor t

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Great pics by the way!. Perfect weather for it to.

This was a great day indeed. My first time to Kew and it was one to remember. Mainly as i was not aware of the event being here for the day i turned up. A great surprise it made me very excited after finding out by a lady who i quized holding a Sarracenia said i can buy plants from a few stalls. I come away with some lovely pygmies and pings to add to the collection. Hopefully there will be another day like this not so far in the future.

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Can't see these pictures either. I can just see individual lines saying IMG with a number then jpg.

I wanted to post some of my photos but when I have tried, the site says the files are too big to post. I used a Nikon 3200 DSLR. I believe that there is an easy way to downsize these files but I don't know how to.

I am on Windows 10, I don't know if this is the problem.

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Nope - cant see the photos and I'm using firefox on Linux (not that I believe OS or browser is the issue).


David - pretty much any image manipulation software should be able to resize an image - GIMP (gimp.org) is free but there are many others available.


Does anyone on the CPS side know if/when the ICPS is releasing the videos of the lectures?  Its frustrating to be both a CPS and ICPS member and not be able to view things like this. Its 2016  - it really shouldn't be a major technical challenge to upload them somewhere.  Issues like this lose rather than encourage membership.

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the conference video is going through post production editing.  The finished video will be the property of the ICPS (not the UK CPS).  I guess it will go to those who attended the conference but any wider distribution will be up to the ICPS.


Dennis Balsdon
Chair The Carnivorous Plant Society

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Publication will be on the ICPS channel and will be phased out over several months after we recieve the video.

This will be a) because of limited time of a limited number of volunteers to do the job and b) because we want people to attend and not just stay home and have the video 3 months later anyway.

Also, video is rather new. Printed proceeds several months after the conference used to be the norm, 

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