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  1. Mark Anderson

    Heliamphora (Ionasii X Elongata) X self

    Í have this hybrid as well, it sure is a corker!
  2. Mark Anderson

    Tapatalk problem

    Okay cheers
  3. Mark Anderson

    Tapatalk problem

    Can't even find cpuk on tapatalk now
  4. Mark Anderson

    Heliamphora macdonaldae at

    Yeah I'm on the aw waiting list, got in there just as the list was open, super excited to get this species, yay Mark
  5. Mark Anderson

    Has anyone bought one of these off amazon before??

    Yeah they can grow in pretty much anything and it gets pretty big as well! I use a half hight 6inch pot for mine. Mark
  6. Mark Anderson

    I'm back

    Welcome back Stephen, great to see you here again! Mark
  7. Mark Anderson

    Anybody had problems with

    After selecting new plants, they were paid for on Thursday and the order was sent out the next day and arrived yesterday. I've found ordering and having my plants sent out the same day, absolutely fantastic and very smooth process! Thanks to David at carnivoria! Mark
  8. Mark Anderson

    Spaghnum starting on peat

    Cheers, I use shamrock as well, the last two bags I bought contained really dark peat and a lot finer than the bags I bought a few years ago, the other stuff was a light brown with a lot of chunks in it Mark
  9. Mark Anderson

    Spaghnum starting on peat

    What brand of peat do you use? Mark
  10. Yep that's fine, once got the older version and it works great Mark
  11. Mark Anderson

    busco pinguicolas

    Welcome to cpuk Mark
  12. Mark Anderson

    Pygmy flowering

    Very nice! You should see Gibsonii flowers they are nearly the same size as the plant! Mark
  13. Mark Anderson

    Anybody had problems with

    Website could do with being updated more often, as 5 of the plants I wanted we're all out of stock, but said it was available on the site Mark
  14. Mark Anderson

    CPS email newsletter released

    Unfortunately, I still haven't received the email newsletter. Mark