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  1. Hi, Covid permitting it looks like we're a go. Full house of sellers and speakers too Please check out the information on the webpage, the link below goes to the registration page
  2. Attention Teachers! We are offering 24 GRANTS for teachers around the world to bring carnivorous plants into their classrooms! To learn more visit:
  3. in the weekend of the 9th and 10th of October Carnivora will host an EEE! Well, unless the rules relating to the COVID situation change of course. The Botanical garden in Leiden has agreed to host this weekend, so great location... check! As we are all dying to get a descent event on the menu again let's keep our fingers crossed that the sailing is smooth. More details will follow as they develop.
  4. Ghent was no longer an option due to some changes in the board and some things like that. COVID-19 just keeps making things difficult. There has been a look at doing something that can be put together very fast in case we get a travel break this summer but to have a good field of sellers and visitors alike planning ahead and having some certainties is really necessary to get a full blown meeting going.
  5. It is introduced according to this: "Drosera filiformis is disjunct in the outer Coastal Plain, from Nova Scotia and Connecticut to Maryland, southeastern North Carolina, and Bay and Washington counties, Florida. The species has been reported from South Carolina, but no specimens from there have been seen. It is introduced in Caroline County, Virginia, and Preston County, West Virginia, and possibly other localities peripheral to its range."
  6. Due to the current situation of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, the 13th ICPS-conference in Himeji, Japan is postponed to May 2022. Specific information will be announced at a later time.
  7. Yes see previous post. Publication: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.43:137 (2014) Sarracenia leucophylla Raf. * Sarracenia purpurea L. * Sarracenia leucophylla Raf. * Sarracenia ?
  8. yes Cultivar: Sarracenia 'Eva' H.Luhrs Publication: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.43:137 (2014) Synonym: =?Sarracenia leucophylla Raf. * Sarracenia purpurea L. * Sarracenia leucophylla Raf. * Sarracenia ? Originator: R.van Kessel, Carniflora, NL, c. 2007 Nominant: H.Luhrs, Amsterdam, NL, 2010 Registrant: H.Luhrs, 22. 8. 2014 Awards/patents: RHS Award of Garden Merit (H3) 2015 (trial entry 41) Horicultural comment: Registered 25. 12. 2014 {JS} Standard: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.43:137 (2014) Propagation: vegetative Etymology: after Els Vogel-Adamse Description: Carniv.Pl.Newslett.43:137 (2014) "Much of the latter's features are well visible in this cultivar, producing 6-8 new leaves up to 28 cm long throughout the season and lasting for as long as 7-8 months. They taper gradually from bottom to top to produce a broad cone with a wide almost heart-shaped hood, of which the side lobes are somewhat folded backwards while the inner surface is abundantly covered with little bristly hairs. The pitchers are primarily green, apart from a few red longitudinal veins, with whitish-pink fenestrations in the upper part below the mouth. The hood is very white fenestrated onto a light green background with red veins pronounced on the inner side of the hood (Fig. 3). As the pitchers mature the color in the upper part becomes dark pink, especially the interior and the mouth, while the green inner side of the hood becomes a background for dark red veins. The combination of a dark pink upper part of the pitcher and white-mottled green hood gives this cultivar a unique appearance. The flower petals are deep red."
  9. and the really sad thing is that this wasn't unexpected as this is a percentage we see in most groups of plants that are assessed
  10. Not really a party in this but just wondering, how will Carniflora (founded 1994) react to both nurseries?
  11. H. huberi {Akopan Tepui, Bonettia Forrest, Venezuela}
  12. Hi, In these times you might find these free downloads useful to keep the kids busy. There are coloring plates, word search and more. Enjoy and stay safe
  13. ICPS conference Japan postponed. Currently infection to the new coronavirus is spreading on a global scale. WHO assessed this situation as a pandemic. The US declared a state of emergency yesterday. Japan is now ready to declare the same, as the pertinent law was approved by the Diet. We cannot expect change for the better. Therefore, the organizer team would like to postpone 13th ICPS Conference - Japan by 1 year. We will aim at holding the conference in May 2021. However, we may reconsider it depending on the situation. As for refund of the paid registration fees, please refer to the conference home page. This conference page may take a couple of days to update. The Japanese CP societies.
  14. May 22 (Fri)-May 24 (Sun) Conference, Plant Exhibition and Sale May 25 (Mon) Day trip to the Tegarayama Conservatory Botanical Garden and the Hyogo Prefectural Flower Center May 26 (Tue) Field trip to the local habitats in Hyogo Prefecture May 27 (Wed) Field trip to the habitat of Pinguicula ramosa (Unryu Valley, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture) Registration for the conference and details are now available: At our 13th ICPS Conference we will visit the habitats in Hyogo Prefecture (Abiki Marsh and Nishiwaki City) by rental cars from Himeji. D. lunata, D. tokaiensis and D. rotundifolia will be seen there!! Participants of field trip to the habitat of Pinguicula ramosa will travel to Shinagawa by “Shinkansen” bullet train, then move to Kitasenju by train and stay at hotels in Kitasenju. Registration for the conference is now available: