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  1. Forum refuses to remember me so i have to log in every time..just a minor issue compared to other things though.
  2. @Richard BunnThe seeds got distributed with the request to learn how to grow them and get them out in cultivation so no poaching of this plant would ever be needed. People got selected for knowing their dews and some are commercial parties like Kamil with the skill to produce relatively many plants by TC. Others grow from seed and that takes longer. Finding things out means exactly that. As this species is completely new to cultivation we needed to find out temperarue, light, soil mix, does it need GA3, etc, etc. Stuff like that is being written up and will appear in CPN. As for others planning to sell..that is up to them as it is up to them if they want to be identified. The growers are everywhere,: America (I mean the continent, not just one country), Europe, Africa, Australia so wide distribution. As it obivious from these posts that I'm one of them: I don't sell them. I chose to give them to people (and a BG) who are likely to keep it alive and to be an flowering adult with the pointers we found and are still finding and thus will get it in cultivation that way.
  3. @Dieball never got below around 60 - 70% @Richard [email protected] LittleNo use looking for seeds. All legally collected seeds got send to and are used by specialists around the world (including UK) for exactly the purpose of finding things out. Non of those plants is near flowering size for some years.
  4. In trials damage occured at 30 C. I have daytemperature at about 22-24 and night 18 -20 or so
  5. seed raised is a bit slower than TC. Sean is right about it not liking heat. Also doesn't like wet feet, so proper drainage and give it lots of light.
  6. If you are in to South African species you have probably ordered at some time from Silverhill Seeds or grow a plant somebody else once ordered there. The owners of this company Rod and Rachel Saunders got murdered in South Africa. Rod was found in February, now Rachels body has been found too.
  7. Yes, he died last Sunday after a short stay in hospital aged 87.
  8. This just was put on Facebook last night starting with a post by the nursery: The International Carnivorous Plant Conference is coming to Santa Rosa, California this August 3rd-5th. We’re cohosting it with the BACPS! Registration is now fully open at
  9. Not much in Amsterdam itself. Flowermarket near Munt has regularly nice plants for sale. For living collection quality you would need to go to Leiden. Something like 40 minutes by train and than 10 minute walk or public transport for a couple of stops. The Botanical gardens (Hortus botanicus) have a great collection of especially Nepenthes. Good antplant collection too.
  11. Not so much bound by time of year. You will see your plants go into dormancy. In general I keep light and temperature the same but reduce the amount of water so they stand dry for a couple of days and then give a little...seems to work ok.
  12. heat and humidty won't do any harm as long as you have enough light
  13. I usually wait with picking out seedlings until they are at least 1 cm tall, better if there is space 2 cm. I accept that I will loose late germinating seeds at some point, though generally I carefully pick out the big ones, rest I let grow on which give some seeds a change to germinate. The holes in the soil generally don't pose a problem. Slime is probably algae and it can kill your plants, so I would deal with it.