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  1. It's quite a healthy looking plant. I wouldn't leave Neps standing in water, they don't particularly like it. I wouldn't keep spraying the soil. Just don't let it dry out. I like to use a bottom feeding fish food in the pitchers, just a little , not too much.
  2. This salt thing has always tended to be a problem with coir. If you're lucky, you can get the bricks from someone who rinses it well before sending it out. I use bricks from Garden Direct and, in the past, this has seemed OK. I have used it as a mix with VFT's and it has been fine. Recently, it has not been fine and I have lost my VFT's, albeit slowly. I still use the same coir for houseplants and it works OK. Cheeseplants, Aechmia, Aspidistra, Streptocarpus, all good in 100 % coir. I know that Rob Cantley uses coir for their Nepenthes, they just can't get peat. He tests each batch when it turns up and has been known to refuse a lorryload of coir when he has found it to have salt in it.,
  3. I should imagine that a made up mix would store quite well. Just a case of suck it and see. I used a quarter strength mix of Phostrogen to foliar feed my Pinguicula moranensis. Phostrogen is an inorganic fertilizer so there is no reason why it should not store mixed up. Is Maxsea a seaweed mix, I am not sure. If the nitrogen part is organic, it may not keep stable. Not that you need the nitrogen for your CP's anyway. I am not quite sure why you are quite so enthusiastic about feeding you plants. Most CP's just don't need it, and you are only causing yourself troubles.
  4. I don't know what you're moaning about Stephen, you never go anyway. We try holding these events up north and nobody turns up. The EEE was held at Chester a few years ago and nobody went. On a side note, it's a pity you can't make it as it will probably be quite lively.
  5. Do be careful. If the plants fall on somebody's bonce, you could be liable.
  6. I think that I am going to get myself on Facebook, I think I am missing out.
  7. I was just wondering how long it take for someone to respond to my comment. I had better be careful in case I get thrown off the forum (again).
  8. VFT seed is very distinctive, the seeds are small, black and shiney. They are also pear shaped. The seedlings just don't look like Sarracenia at all.
  9. Dunc, are you saying that you just bashed one out ?
  10. Potassium permanganate, if you didn't quite catch that..You can get it at the local chemists.
  11. Hi Hayley, I was just wondering what you do about your water supply. I live in a flat and I use a distiller.You can pick one up for about £70 from Amazon.
  12. Just had a word with Keith on the phone. The unit that he has bought is the Life Water Distillery and it is 79.99.
  13. I had a quick look on Amazon. Amazon also sell distillers for making moonshine. It would be important to buy one for distilling water unless you want a visit from HMRC. I think moonshine distillers would be highly illegal in the UK. Someone did tell me years ago that you need a licence for a water distiller in the UK. It's probably one of those things that the police have got more important things on their agenda and they probably can't be bothered to chase these days.
  14. Keith Shoesmith has just bought a distiller from Amazon for 85 pounds. I am not sure which one it is but it says it is suitable for doctor's surgeries, dental surgeries and labs. Keith is quite pleased with it so far. My distiller cost me 140 pounds 20 years ago but I think that the Ecowater ones are about 300 pounds now, which is a lot of money. If Keith's distiller turns out to be OK, 85 pounds is quite reasonable.
  15. What I did like about Wack's Wicked Plants was that their stand was so different to what has been on display these last few years. There is nothing wrong with Matt's and Nigel's stands. Once they have found a winning formula, they have stuck with it, but Wack's tried something different and pulled it off.
  16. I must admit that I missed their stand at Chelsea. It's very similar to the stand at the NEC though.
  17. Thanks Stu for your advice. Chimaera, I use an Ecowater distiller in the flat. It runs off one US gallon in about 4 hours. Distillers can be more expensive than deionisers but they are not wasteful with water. They are a bit power hungry though. I have had mine running all week and have a 25 litre container of water to take around to my wife's.
  18. Just had a quick butchess on Amazon. There quite a lot to choose from and some are not very expensive. Some are 3 stage, some are 6 stage. Is there much difference ? Especially when you are only watering CP's.
  19. I might buy my wife a reverse osmosis unit. I am sure that Amazon will supply these. Any recommendations ? or are they all much of a much. I take it that you have to run them every so often to keep the membrane healthy.
  20. we are back to people being obsessed with fertilizing their plants. Why can't people just understand that CP's just don't need it are better if you just leave them alone.
  21. I've got the still going two or three times a day. I shall take a 25 litre drum of distilled water to my wife's place later.
  22. It's not a huge jar, so you won't be able to put much on display. In my lowland Nep tank, I grow Drosera adelae, which likes the conditions and keeps sciarid flies under control.