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  1. Anyone in the uk have some input the controllers you use?
  2. Wish I had a options for placement of my Terrarium. But really where it is shouldn't be a issue if the bluddy controllers were Reliable. Let me know on here when you post it up, I will check it out. Cheers
  3. I do injoy a project that's for sure. Not saying I would nail it but would would like to check out what you have so far. The photo sensor is a good function to have, exactly the same as the zoomed controller I have, saves having to change times and just rely on the T5s to turn off to put it into night mode. For me the cooling function is very important, due to lack of space for my Terrarium it is situated in a fairly exposed west facing house extension witch gets rather warm in the summer so the chiller does come on every 15mins or so to bring the temps back down to 24c. Going by your name, what frogs do you keep? Ive fairly recently got in vivarium plants and Amphibians Currently got two vivs one with mantellas and another with pumilio blue jeans. Another problem with these is cooler temps when the summer arrives but a least that will be much easier to control with a Ac unit in the room.
  4. Hi, Ive looked at the specifications and couldn't see any cooling functions. To me it appears to keep to a specific temperature (heat) Could you let me know how this works keeping you terrarium cool, Once a set temperature has gone up say 2 degrees due to temperature being warmer in the house but to warm for the terrarium? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply. That evo brand was something I had looked into but found it didn't have a the functions I need for my Terrarium, so draw a blank there unfortunately as I know they are a very good product but are aimed for the heating ability for primary use. Its the cooling part witch is the more difficult to find in products. Fair play man, if you got the know how making a scratch built product good on you, I wouldn't know where to start. Sounds interesting wouldn't mind having a look at what you have so far and try and give it a go myself. But yea very interested in a product designed with the functions aimed at highland plants. Especially if it's reliable.
  6. Hi guys. Ive been growing highland heliamphora, drosera and nepenthes for 3 years now. My setup is run with a water chiller/sump and pc radiator with fans to achieve my highland temperature requirements which is keeping it below 24c in the day and 12c at night, humidity is kept around 80%. Now my plants grow well but Ive become so frustrated with the controller units I've had to achieve these temperatures and humidity. The first brand I bought from the start was a Zoomed hygrotherm, it does everything I need but the humidity part of the unit desides to fail first on these units witch I've had 4 of these. Basically the unit gets stuck in the on position within the switching unit and if I'm not at home will keep pumping out fog until I tap the controller part of unit of a surface witch free's up the switching mechanism, after some months each unit gets more consistent and the temperature part also will start the same problem. Ive also had Inbird controllers do this also. Im really starting to loose hope and considering giving up my highland plant hobby witch is a real shame, really love growing these plants. Could anyone let me know what works for you? as I can't find anything around apart from the units I've had. Regards
  7. I use a brand called hygrotherm. Control's day and night temps. Ive had it replaced about 3 times due to the internal switching getting stuck on, so basically my fogger control on the unit gets stuck on and keeps flooding the tank till i tap the switching unit to free it.
  8. Only the chiller cooling the radiator is all i need. My tank is 90x60x45. Works very well with a controller to tell it when to turn on and off.
  9. Hi. I use chiller using one sump pump and a 3 fan radiator. My sump itself is very small, but the radiator is very deep, so that helps within the tank. I can get my tank down to 12c in a few hours. My Terrarium is also open topped to so you shouldn't have a problem reaching the temp you require.
  10. Really amazing to have such a great selection of plants in such a close proximity to your house. Would love that myself.
  11. Thanks for the great pictures.! Always wanted to go to Australia to see them. Did you have to go far to find them?
  12. Cant see the pics. Mine are potted up in peat-perlite mix and do just fine.
  13. Like it down your way. Not so scenic down here in brighton. With your filiformis, I would keep it just damp now, no standing water. When the temperature start to drop further pop it back in the greenhouse for protection. Mine have to live outside, my filiformis survived last winter out there no probs.
  14. Like it down your way. Not so scenic down here in brighton. With your filiformis, I would keep it just damp now, no standing water. When the temperature start to drop further pop it back in the greenhouse for protection. Mine have to live outside, my filiformis survived last winter out there no probs.
  15. Hi, are you in the UK? All of my temperate sundews have pretty much formed a hibernacula. Apart from the beleziana at the mo. They live permanently in the elements outside. Had quite a few chilly days here this September so they went to bed early.
  16. WOW. Really great examples of these wonderful plants. They look so happy in your conditions! Thanks for sharing Maciej. look forward to seeing the next sales list!!
  17. Been growing Prolifera since winter last year. My conditions in the shed are not ideal in for them especially that temps can reach up to 38c sometimes when it's been a heat wave over here in the UK. To keep mine alive I have a high water level like half way up the pot to help with humidity. No domes for these ones, they seem pretty tough considering my neglect. Sorry for your loss.
  18. Hi David. I also was at the conference and bought the same plant. Hate to give bad news but im sure yours will end up like mine.... I had been growing in the same conditions like yours also. Looking at your pictures mine looked just the same. For about a month it looked like it had settled down with a big cluster of new leaves unfurling but only a few weeks ago it finally died. I even took a few leaf cuttings but as they never had any dew on them they never did strike. This little dude seemed doomed from the start. Hope yours pulls through but being this long seems unlikely. Good luck!!
  19. Great plants and pictures there gringo! They look very healthy. I'm currently trying to grow drosera solaris. They are in 50/50 peat sand mix. Trying to work out why this species doesn't want to establish in my conditions. my roraimae look just like yours. i keep my solaris right next to them. I cant work out whats going wrong. Is very odd. Cheers
  20. Thanks for the info. Would buy some but its quite expensive with the postage on top which ive just found out. Buying small amounts of the sphag is not really ideal cost wise. Think i'll stick to my peat/sand mix for the time being then see how it goes. Hopefully the solaris will take off as my roraimae has in my mix. Cheers tho matt
  21. Hi sundewmatt, yea your right i read somewhere about their natural habitat reaches a max of 26c. Have some more solaris on the way. My temps are much better in my grow tent now so hopefully they will establish this time for the winter approaching. Then they will harden up for the summer temps next year hopefully then grow in a semi sheltered spot in the garden in the peak of summer.
  22. Ive tried horti sand but had bad results like you experienced. I also use the same Unipac quartz sand now. So far im rather happy with it. Haven't experienced any build up on the top layer like using perlite for example. My roraimae loves it to. Only started growing Tepui sundews withing the last few months. Was pleased to find something decent to start my new growings.
  23. To true. I wash mine up to 20 times with tap water till the water is non cloudy. Then flush a further 3 times with rain water.
  24. I also am having trouble with solaris, This is my first year with south American sundews. I keep mine in a shed with t5 lights and a fan for hot and cold times. Think the solaris couldn't handle the hot temps we had in the uk wile establishing in the new media and conditions. Weirdly my roraimae and others are doing well.