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  1. Apologies, but due to people withdrawing the Dorset Field Trip has been cancelled. PM me if this causes you a problem. I'll try to organise a field trip for next year. cheers Dennis
  2. Hi Paul I'm running a field trip to S. Dorset on Sunday 25 Jul. We expect to see all three species and both hybrids of drosera native to the UK, some utrics and pinguicula and some introduced sarracenia. I know it would mean early start for you but you would be very welcome to come along. PM me if you would like to attend. Dennis Balsdon
  3. Due to illness in the family I have had to cancel my open day scheduled for August 8th. I am happy for individuals to drop in at pre-arranged times. PM me you wish to come at other dates over the summer. cheers Dennis
  4. Hi again Jay unless you live next to a cement works, lime stone quarry, gypsum mine and the like which makes your rain hard, it is extremely unlikely that your rainwater contains calcium, magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates or sulfates. Your TDS meter is detecting other minerals washed from your roof - non of which are likely to affect your plants. In the wild CPs do not get absolutely pure water. It will typically contain peat particles,, other vegatative detritus and minerals leached from the surrounding soil and will be on the acid side of neutral. I have more sarracenia than I
  5. Hi Jay you don't need a TDS meter to tell you that Brighton's tap water is too hard for most CPs. A few years ago hardly anyone (possibly no-one) used them. Since then their use seems to have been copied from the USA. Collect as much rain water as you can. Even is sunny Brighton it rains regularly and any other dissolved solids washed from your roof will quickly settle out and in any case they won't harm your plants. You will need a back up supply of soft water and there have been many discussions on the forum on how or where to get it. The alternative would be to move t
  6. Hi The only issue with water is its hardness - which your rainwater won't be . There will be other dissolved/undissolved solids in your rainwater but these will settle out fairly quickly and in any case (and unless you have a very strange roof) they will be harmless. You can use your TDS meter to test your tap water but I guess Brighton's tap water is likely to be too hard. Good luck Dennis
  7. This is a list of the events I've organised so far this year. They depend on there being no further covid restrictions. Talks on The Natural History and Cultivation of Carnivorous Plants Talks are light hearted, last around an hour and cover all the main plant groups. There will be a comprehensive plant display and a selection of plants for sale in aid of carnivorous plant conservation. Garden Clubs may charge a small entrance fee for non members. Woodbury Garden Club - 7pm on Tuesday 13th July. Woodbury Village Hall, Flower Street, Woodbury, Exeter, Devon EX5 1LX Kingsbridge
  8. They look OK to me but it might be worth checking that you don't have any rot in the rhyzomes - just nick back of the rhyzome with your thumbnail. If it is white all is good. If it is brown keep cutting the rhyzome until you reach white.
  9. It may be just me but why are HSISSA recent posts in chinese/korean/mongolian? Dennis
  10. Hi For obvious reasons I had to cancel my usual June open day here in Paignton. Together with the cancellation of my usual half a dozen garden club talks and the cancellation of this years RHS shows I am feeling very deprived of the opportunity to talk CPs and meet other CP enthusiasts. So what I thought I’d do is to have an open garden for the next three months so if you would like to drop in during this period you would be very welcome. I have 3 greenhouses, cold frames and mini bogs all stuffed with CPs. I have lots of plants available for sale at bargain prices or for s
  11. Hi S. purpurea were first introduced to UK bogs over 100 years ago in various location in the UK and Ireland subsequently much later by people who should have known better. They have spread to become a major problem as they out compete native bog plants. Land owners are very concerned and are attempting to remove them. Over the last few years and In conjunction with other organisations the UK CPS has removed hundreds (maybe thousands) of purpurea from a large bog in southern England where the landowner was intending to spread glysophate weed killer. Only a small patch now rem
  12. If you shake sarracenia flowers they will self pollenate. Bees will normally pollenate flowers but you won't know what hybrid will be produced (ie you won't know who the dad is) unless you take contraceptive methods to get a specific cross.
  13. Hi attached is a list of CP events in the UK from July onwards that haven't been cancelled yet. In view of the current difficulties (understatement) it is probable that some or even all of these events may be subsequently be cancelled or re-scheduled to later in the year. These events will be listed shortly on the CPS website at Any changes will be reflected as they occur. The commercial growers will be going through a particularly difficult time but all will continue to operate on-line shops so please support them if you can. Hope you and yours are