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  1. Thanks a lot @PofW_Feathers for your input, appreciate it a lot.
  2. Hi @PofW_Feathers, I guess you're located in Japan and me being one of those planning a trip there for the ICPS, wanted to ask you about the situation with the corona virus. I've heard of many people cancelling their trips to Japan but I wanted to hear from someone living there before making any decision. Thanks a lot
  3. That was exactly my thought @David Ahrens. Been able to acquire some plants is part of the whole experience at the ICPS conferences but it will suck if they get confiscated at the airport. I wish an official statement from the organizers would be post on the website or Facebook before making my summer plans.
  4. Great info @Mujinamo! One question about the sales: How will it work for us coming from EU buying plants during the conference? (permits etc etc)
  5. This is not that important, sorry. Basic care for commercial sundews and other CPs is easily found here with the search option or Google.
  6. The seller has been growing nepenthes way over 10 years now and as Osmosis says with time, good disposition and approach you can build a very good network in the hobby. The "rare" plants in private collections are seldom offered openly on Facebook, forums etc. They use to go between experienced growers and privatly.
  7. Good to know it's progressing after the light increase
  8. AW will also release it next year, but it's better with several sources. Looking forward this beauty
  9. Thanks for sharing! and please post more
  10. Very "shady" ad with no background info and a bad quality pic. I have never heard of "rubrum" as a variation or cultivar or type of alata... stay away from it.
  11. I'm indeed following this post. I run most of my GH with a 260w solar system with 3 185ah batteries, a mppt controller for efficency and a 1kw inverter. After testing different loadouts I decided to run everything (lamps, ventilation, hydrofogger) but the heating with solar 'cos it is the most taxing of all the appliances.
  12. Not often you see pictures of a Bloody Mary upper, interesting
  13. Yes, I meant ROOTED, typos are my speciality nowadays. Ventrata is a VERY forgiving nep so they might be fine with a short acclimatization to lower RH.
  14. You can not fail with a ventrata. I cut several basal shoots a couple of months ago, bagged them and placed them everywhere in the GH (some in very dark places). Every single one rotted. Cuttings want high humidity (up to 100%) in order to develop the roots, so it does not matter if the mother plant is in a 20% RH all day long. As a rule, with other more demanding neps, I give the cuttings exactly the same amount of light as the mother plant receives.
  15. Beautiful helis! that uncinata is great
  16. That is something else! great heli!
  17. Many nepenthes growers use succesfully bonsai substrates like akadama and kiryu so it will work just fine.
  18. Would yo consider shipping outside the UK, to EU?
  19. The pictures don't work for me
  20. Such a fantastic initiative! Well done and thanks for sharing
  21. What's the mushroom growing on it?
  22. This is the latest pitcher in mine Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  23. It seems you guys are having a great time in Bonn every year. Sadly my German is below kinder garden level but maybe one year I'll be able to attend.