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  1. If you shake sarracenia flowers they will self pollenate. Bees will normally pollenate flowers but you won't know what hybrid will be produced (ie you won't know who the dad is) unless you take contraceptive methods to get a specific cross.
  2. Hi attached is a list of CP events in the UK from July onwards that haven't been cancelled yet. In view of the current difficulties (understatement) it is probable that some or even all of these events may be subsequently be cancelled or re-scheduled to later in the year. These events will be listed shortly on the CPS website at Any changes will be reflected as they occur. The commercial growers will be going through a particularly difficult time but all will continue to operate on-line shops so please support them if you can. Hope you and yours are well. Dennis 2020 CP Events.xlsx
  3. It was also thought to have an aphrodisical affect on cows (but not apparently bulls!). It was also a constituent in "My Ladies Delight" a drink from the middle ages. It was also used to curdle reindeer milk. Dennis
  4. Hi again the RHS has now said that all their shows scheduled to take place up to the end of June are cancelled. They will take a view on shows after June as government advice progresses. Their gardens will remain open but events in the gardens up to the end of June are also cancelled. This includes the Specialist Society show in May which the Society was going to attend. At the moment the CP weekend at RHS Wisley in July has not been cancelled. I am contacting those who have told us about their open days to see if they are planning to cancel/postpone. I'll keep you informed. Dennis
  5. Hi it is normally - but we are not living in normal times. It is probable that all RHS Garden Shows will be cancelled this year, it is possible that RHS gardens and RBG Key will close for the duration of the pandemic (meaning our CP weekends and Kew visit will be cancelled) and that similarly it will prove impossible for members to host open days - particularly if you are ancient like me. Th society's AGM and end of season meetings are also likely to be cancelled or postponed. As a society we will follow government guidance and we will keep members informed as and when the situation becomes clearer. Dennis
  6. Hi a list of open days, meetings, talks, society CP weekends at RHS gardens, society attended shows and commercial nursery attended shows will be in the next edition of the newsletter which will be distributed this month. Details will be shown on the website shortly too. Dennis
  7. Hi again Priscilla from memory both you and your partner showed in PayPal as having paid a subscription which is why you both received a new member's pack. Your partner's membership was subsequently cancelled. You can contact me directly on [email protected] if you have a query rather than publicly on this forum. best regards Dennis Balsdon Membership Secretary
  8. Hi Priscilla the list of trustees/committee members is shown on the Society's website ( Some of us actively post on CPUK which is funded by the Society. We have a number of vacancies on the committee which we are looking to fill and always welcome new volunteers. Please contact us via the website and tell us about yourself and where your interests lie. It is not necessary to have a large CP collection, to have expertise in CP cultivation or to be a botanist. For most positions it is only necessary to be enthusiastic and be willing to contribute to the achievement of the Society's objectives. best regards Dennis Balsdon (Past Chair and Meetings Organiser, current Show Secretary and Membership Secretary)
  9. Hi the winter edition of Planta Carnivora (the journal of the UK Carnivorous Plant Society) was mailed yesterday to members in the UK and overseas. Please PM me If you are expecting one and it doesn't arrive. Dennis
  10. Hi the CPS has two publications: Planta Carnivora which tends to include all the science based articles but also reports on visits to cp sites in the UK and overseas, descriptions of new cultivars and other items of general cp interest. The main point is that they must be high quality and possibly peer reviewed articles. The editor is Dr Martin Cheek of RBG Kew. The other publication is the Newsletter which is aimed at providing information to members on what is happening in the Society, shows, meetings, CP weekends, open days and other events, successes and failures, growing conditions, media and equipment etc. The editor is Richard Bunn. The editors will welcome articles and you can contact both via the Contacts page on the website ( to obtain advice and guidance. Dennis
  11. Hi Jonathan The Eden Project took 300 at the original clearance a couple of years ago. The Dorset Ecology Group removed 100s. Others have gone to people who attended the clearance. Those that I removed have either been given away or sold in aid of the CPS Plant and Habitat conservation fund. I still have a few left if you'd like to pop down to sunny Paignton. There may be another clearance in September if you'd like to join in. Dennis
  12. Hi my understanding is that decades ago antho free, white topped leucos became known in the UK as Schnell's Ghost after Don Schnell (the revered US CP expert). It was never a registered cultivar as far as I know. Dennis
  13. Hi I know of two CP enthusiasts who live in Palmerston North. If you give me your email address I'll contact them for you. There used to be a NZ Society but it closed a few years ago. Dennis
  14. Hi Dan. You should try to go to Paul McKeown's open day in Watford on August 3rd. Hthe CPS website e has a superb collection including many rarities. Details on the CPS website ( under events. Dennis
  15. Hi just a reminder that my open day is on Sunday July 7th from 10am to 5pm at 13 Stella Road, Paignton, Devon TQ3 1BH. Lots of plants for sale in aid of the CPS Conservation Fund with 25% off for CPS members. Refreshments and light lunch provided. cheers Dennis
  16. Hi the CPS has been working with the Dorset Ecology Group several years to clear S. purpurea from a bog near Wareham in Dorset where it has become very invasive and is threatening native bog plants. The original intention of the land owner was to apply glysophate and kill the lot but was persuaded to allow the Society to remove plants and many hundred (perhaps thousands) have already been removed. The Eden Project took several hundreds. Several patches are being retained on the site for research purposes. We are meeting with the Dorset Ecology Group again on Thursday 27th June to continue with this . minorwork and to remove flowers from the remaining patches. In addition to the purpureas there are large quantities of native sundews and an adjacent large pond has U. minor in abundance. We are looking for volunteers to help with this work so if you could make it please PM me. cheers Dennis Balsdon
  17. Welcome to the forum Nick. You might like to go to Paul McKeown's open day in Watford on Aug 3. Details here: Dennis
  18. Hi thought you might like a pic of d. modesta v donaldii. Enjoy. Dennis
  19. Hi There are two parts to the AGM: the first is concerned with Society business (receiving committee reports, voting for committee members/trustees, changes to the governing document/subscription rates etc); the second consists of talks on various aspects of CPs including cultivation, habitats etc and the auction. The first part is restricted to members for obvious reasons. The second is open to anyone. Dennis
  20. Hi Matthew has a huge range/number of plants available. He will not run out. Dennis
  21. Mrs Bell hasn't appealed.
  22. Mrs Bell has been removed as Chair of the CPS and events organiser. She has not been removed as a member. Dennis
  23. Hi Stephen you won't have received more recent Planta Carnivora because your CPS membership expired in August 2016. The latest edition is with the graphic designer prior to going to print. Dennis
  24. Hi In recent years we have moved the End of Season Meeting from RHS Wisley to Birmingham. Initially attendancce was very poor but we now get around 30. The fact that the majority of members live in the South of England means that it is sensible to hold the AGM there rather than (say) the North of England where we have few members. Of the committee, 2 live in SW England, 4 in SE England, 1 in Manchester, 1 in Derbyshire, 3 in Wales and 1 in Ireland. For me to attend the AGM entails a 400 mile round trip. I haven't missed an AGM for 30 years. Dennis