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  1. I don't know if your post was directed at me Dimitar, but if it was, i wasn't really asking a question. Anyway, this just keeps getting worse, i shall remove myself from this mess...
  2. I really can't understand what's wrong with certain people on this forum, all they do is pick on people, be obnoxious and brag about themselves.
  3. Very nice Dieter, love the "micro-ecosystem" look of your setup !
  4. That is truly terrible. I am sorry for the loss of your belongings, and your much loved cat! As for the plants it also much be gut wrenching losing all those plants, that you so carefully acquired and nurtured with utmost care and love! Fortunately you and your parents are safe! Stay strong Daniel, i am sure with the love and support of your parents (and with your love and support for them) all of you will come out much stronger and will start anew! For now, all this must settle, and you must rest, because such a tragedy will be very draining on the mind and body! Best r
  5. I was only talking about the runt really Blocky :) As for the others, they can be moody and die back without apparent reason as you well know i have had that happen to almost all of my cephs this year, and i haven't changed a thing about the way i grow them, i recon it's just because we had a really bad summer, with allot of temperature fluctuation for instance. That constant moving about you did this year even if locally could be sufficient to maybe stress them out, but if that is the case, re potting them with just stress them further i think. So basically you have to make a c
  6. Well Blocky sometimes it's just better to re-pot and wait for the best, perhaps try some different mixes, maybe some more open mixes...but i wonder, could it be that the German that keeps getting smaller it is just simply put a bad clone? I mean for a few times i have something similar happen to me but with Sarracenia, over the years i obtained certain divisions that never thrived, or even (in some cases) developed perfectly formed pitchers...ever!! Could it be that a certain mutation might developed during the process? I understand that Sarracenia divisions, and the dividing of Sarra
  7. Great stuff Fred, and absolutely stunning plants!! How do you keep your sphagnum so clean...i mean i always end up with a ton of D. rotundifolia on it, no matter how much i remove, more just pop up!!
  8. Well thank you both for your replies Yes these are the yellow and black ones you are thinking Phil, my plants rarely get these but it happens, but this amount is clearly out of proportion. Anyway, they were about to die soon, from my understanding they start dying around this period of the year, so i guess no harm was done, and the plants had a nice meal :)
  9. So, it's my day off today, and i decided to take a closer look at my plants, since i have the time, and something bothered me a bit. So i went outside and i immediately notice this wasp on the ground, and although it was still alive it looked like it was kicking the bucket. Didn't take notice much and i eventually fed it to one of my plants...Then i take a closer look at one of my Sarracenia...and it was filled almost to the brim with wasps!! Some of them were still alive! Took a look at other Sarracenia and although they weren't filled up they mostly contained just wasps!! They were e
  10. Indeed and maybe a trim :)
  11. I normally don't like "mutants" (that's the name i give to those VFT'S that are very weirdly shaped) but this one is kind of nice, i like it!
  12. Happy growing Blocky!
  13. Well you have some nice specimens no doubt, the ones that caught my eye where clone 5, clone 6 and clone 7. Clone 8 kind of interesting, reminds me a bit of those lidless flavas!
  14. It's nice to see the ladies up :) Very colorful and beautiful
  15. Very nice Fred, very impressive! It's quite a marvelous sight seeing Darlingtonia thriving like that :)
  16. If only it was possible...i can imagine the amazing possibilities of such crossings!!
  17. The plant in question as been brought up, and talked about allot in the recent months, i think that might be one of the reasons, because if i recall the Cephalotus section was one of the more quite sections in the carnivorous genera subforums! I certainly understand why people get upset in the last months i have witnessed a series comments/posts that have recently turned to almost direct but mostly indirect attacks to members, all because people have different ideas about the plant in question. I believe it scaled with this article that seems to have a "contradictory ideology" i think, as it
  18. Malvo


    Stating that it doesn't exist is not reasonable as well! Yes there is lack of scientific data, but because it is lacking doesn't mean it isn't possible. The fact the plant collapses in such a terminal and quick way, that any other cause like root rot and infections are readily ruled out, is something to be looked into, but until it is done in a scientific way that leaves no doubt, it should always be considered, and action to reduce it's impact/occurrence should be taken.
  19. Nice pics, thank you for sharing. I chuckled wen i saw that Sarracenia with that plate with rat poison