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  1. That's the same for small sundews. Even the hibernaculum-forming species can suffer from liverwort when they are dormant. You can mecanically pull out the thalli but that's terribly difficult, if not impossible, to eradicate it.
  2. I did not had any problem with the Sarracenia. However, it can very dangerous for Pinguicula.
  3. kisscool_38

    P.Medusina X Moctezumae

    Pinguicula medusina is just a synonym of P. heterophylla ;-)
  4. kisscool_38

    P.Medusina X Moctezumae

    Although I think it involves P. heterophylla rather than P. filifolia, this is a very nice hybrid!
  5. kisscool_38

    Differentiating between d. Intermedia and d. Anglica

    It is easy to tell Drosera intermedia appart from other temperate species and hybrids as its scapes are emerging laterally from the rosette of leaves, while it is emerging from the center of the rosette in other taxa.
  6. kisscool_38

    Darwin's carnivore experiment

    Darwin did his experiments on Drosera rotundifolia. The respond will be greater and faster when temperatures will become warmer during spring and summer.
  7. kisscool_38

    Question about Pinguicula lusitanica

    It's not a matter of population but of growing conditions. I was growing one strain both outside and in a terrarium. Inside, I grow it during three years ; outside, it is lasting no more than one year and a half. Setting seeds is also costly for such small plants and can wear it out.
  8. kisscool_38

    Drosera ramentacea

    Thanks. No, growth is only slowing down, but doesn't stop at all.
  9. kisscool_38

    P. Megaspilea cultivation

    The medium sounds good. But summer isn't the best period for their growth (too hot), they are also starting to grow slower at home.
  10. kisscool_38

    Sphagnum moss confirmation

    Yes, that's Sphagnum.
  11. kisscool_38

    P. Megaspilea cultivation

    You can grow it like Pinguicula hirtiflora and it should do it well.