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  1. "Typical Ada 1" "C01 Giant Form" "Marston Exotics 1985" "Hummers Giant" "Black" "Big Boy" I'm so happy that I have these beautiful plants back again 3 years ago it going total wrong here. So I hope to have more luck this time but I think it must work now better.
  2. Hi all, I'm Tom from the Netherlands I love carnivorous plants specially Cephalotus, Biblis and Australia Drosera's and I just start again. I had earlier also this plants but after problems when I moved to another home I stopped for a while. Now I have ordered a new collection of Cephalotus last week what will arrive in a few day's maybe tommorow when I follow the tracking number :-) So I will post soon some pictures of them. Greetings Tom
  3. Dear Castor123456, Thank you for letting me know that but when I use your link I get "You do not have permission to view this forum" I don't know why or how I do get access it ?? Please can somebody help me
  4. Hi All, I looking for fresh Cephalotus seeds is there anybody who can help me for this ?? Is somebody have some seeds for sale left please can you let me know that.