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  1. May I ask, does anybody still grows the Zarquon? Is so, I am seriously interested. I can offer for swap almost anything from these: http://sarracenia.cz/informace/pinguicula/index.html
  2. Dear colleagues, I would like to ask you, if anybody of you have ever tried to store / overwinter mexican Pinguicula species in bare way? I mean cleaned, out of pot and stored in clean, dry condition e.g. in some plastic box. Of course I am asking about species strongly udergoing dry winter dormancy, like P. gypsicola, P. colimensis, P. macrophylla, P calderoniae, P. heterophylla or hybrid on image below... Thank you for your experience or comments.
  3. Sorry for a silly question - if it is listed elswhere. Is there a list of speakers anywhere. And is there also available any list of CP sellers going to attend KEW event?
  4. No problem, send me a piece of 'Legacy' and I will do it. :-) 50:50 seed sharing :-) BTW: the image above - is it Legacy or something else? ;-)
  5. Dear colleagues, after several years of building our new greenhouse, I feel it started to be good enough to invite also international colleagues to our regular open day. The date and place is following: Horakov near Brno, Czech Republic Saturday 16th May 2015. Our nursery is located 10km from Brno as well as from Brno airport. Connection to Brno is good enough: Cheap flights from London by RyanAir or WizzAir for 20-30 EUR Cheap flights from Eindhoven (Holland) by WizzAir for 30-60 EUR http://www.ryanair.com/ https://wizzair.com Comfortable EuroCity trains from Germany, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia Coaches from Prague... For those who are interested to come, we are ready to help with reservation of hotel in our village. There is nice familiar hotel very close to us for 20 EUR per night per person, incl. breakfast For those who are interested feel free to mail requests to [email protected] . I just want to inform, that we will be "out of office" for a week (until 22. April) as we are going for a field trip to Italy. So all your questions will be answered after April 22nd, I will also specify news and details regarding lecture and other program of the open day. Miroslav Srba http://sarracenia.cz/index_en.html
  6. It might be discussed anywhere else here, but I have "cosmetic" problem with forum as it provides me crazy, to my opinion absolutely off topic error statements. E.G. today. I wrote an post, that took me about half an hour to write. Post, and then... "This reply has not been added as it has been posted too quickly" - WTF? But after checking the post was added. During last year, I posted three "commercial" offers to sales EU and UK forum. Only 3 posts in a year, in distance at least 2 months and it wrote me, that I am "not allowed to do that, ase there is limit only one post in two weeks" or so? But after checking it was posted well without any poblem. I am using Firefox + Windows XP.
  7. Alex invited me to make a contribution to this topic. As I am bussy quite a lot in these weeks? ihavent's read all the posts in this topic, so my contribution will be completely independent. I am bit afraid, that there are not any taxonomic rules how to solve this rigorously. Or let's say there are not any to ma knowledge. Regarding to the provided examples: S. alata f. viridescens is a taxon and will be S. alata f. viridescens again if will be selfed of crossed two localised clones in between. So it is absolute correct to label any next generation just S. a. f. viridescens. But for better evidence and comfor of us - collectors i strongly reccomend to label selfed seeds / seedlings as "self" or "selfed" or any clear comment, that the material was selfed = might suffer for imbreeding depression. Sarracenia alata Stone County Alabama. If it is second generation raised in cultivation, it is not natural genotype enymore. Therefore it should be clearly labeled as F2, F3, F4 to indicate how far is it from original genotype. Labeling "F2" is more general. It can cover selfed plants as well as plants crossed for example Stone Co., clone "A" x clone "B". So "F2" is taxonomically sufficient, but again I strongly reccomend for us, collectors any clear label whether it was "selfed" or "clone "A" x "B"" Sarracenia Wilkerson red - if it is selfed it is not the cultivar anymore and it should be labeles even just Sarracenia x moorei. If someone wants, so feel free to label it F2 / selfed, but this should be absolutely clearly stated as it is not original cultivar anymore. Sarracenia leucophylla x minor F2 = again general label applicable for selfed plant as well as cross of clone "A" x clone "B". Again I suggest any clear lable whether it was selfed or two clones in between = better viability. I do this in my growlist / seedlist... Whishing nice day to everyone :-)
  8. Is this a record or not? 81mm or 82mm?
  9. Sorry, reading this: "That is in simple terms,but this can be affected by other factors.The seed parent usually influences looks on the seedlings more than the pollen parent and some plants have a much larger influence when passing on colour or shape." - Did about 600 crossings, about 150 of them vice-versa and never noticed that :-(
  10. Great to see that. I started simillar experiments in 2006 and all the results obtained since now were included into article published in AIPC magazine issue 1 this year. I think pdf could be available upon request at AIPC board.
  11. Today, I would like to share with you update with several clones raised from my excellent cooperation with Mike King. Mike gave me batch of seeds of S. 'Leah Wilkerson' x 'Adrian Slack' ro raise the seedlings as fast as possible. Here you can see 12 pre-sellections? http://www.sarracenia.cz/breeding/index.html ... it is clear, that no. "1" is the winner. But what about the others? Which of them do you like the most?
  12. It doesn't matter what size do you repot your seedlings, if you do it carefully. I do repot mines as they have first true leave (pitcher). They have only single root of 1 - 1,5 cm in lenght in that stage. So repotting with tweezers is very fast and safe for such a short root. You can do it like sewing machine. I can do about 1000 seedlings a day in this way. As the seedlings are larger and roots londer, this job is much more time consuming.
  13. Last week I dicovered how to take a good photographs of S. 'Přemysl Otakar I.' to show its / his true colour. Finally. Previous images vere shifted to red. These are true marron pitchers as in real... ... to be presented in Nancy for real :-) I was also surprised by three years old seedlings of S. 'Přemysl Otakar I.' x p. venosa var. montana MKPV19B. They show very deep colour, some of them with pretty nice fenestration. So it seems that S. POI is very good donor of fenestration genes!
  14. Thank you very much for such a generous offers. I decided to give 1 extra seed for each GBP you will donate to the Meadow :-)
  15. Thank you very much for such a generous offers. I decided to give 1 extra seed for each GBP you will donate to the Meadow :-)