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  1. Beautiful! How long have you been growing them? I just got some tubers last year.
  2. Try flooding the pot. Moss typically don't like to be underwater but the Utricularia will be fine.
  3. You don't need a CITES permit unless you are getting Nepenthes or some Sarracenia that are on the CITES list. When I brought back Nepenthes from Taiwan with only a phytosanitary certificate, they still let me through so you might get lucky.
  4. I think it depends on the country but I have brought plants from Taiwan to the US through the airport before with only a phytosanitary certificate. It looks like the closest place you can get a phytosanitary certificate issued (according to the USDA APHIS website) is Magdalena Moreno USDA, APHIS, PPQ Oakland Maritime Office- Federal Building 1301 Clay St, Room 500N Oakland, CA 94612 Office: 510- 637-2990 Fax: 510- 637-1995 Cell: 559-240-8126 E-mail: [email protected] which is about a 2 hour drive from where the convention will be held. The fee (according to this site) is $61 for the certificate plus a $12 administrative fee, so $73 total. When I got plants inspected in Taiwan, I removed all the media from the plants and put them in ziploc bags (1 per species) beforehand to facilitate the inspection process. I would assume something similar would be necessary to get a phytosanitary certificate in the US.
  5. The BACPS will be co-hosting the 2018 ICPS Conference in August. Conference website: http://www.icpscon2018.com/ Registration: https://www.icpscon2018.com/conference-agenda Date: August 3-5, 2018 (field trip from August 7-11) Location: Hyatt Vineyard Creek Inn, Santa Rosa, California Cost: $125 for the conference, $75 for the banquet, $1000 for the field trip "The International Carnivorous Plant Society announces the Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society and California Carnivores will co-host the 2018 ICPS conference with help from the San Diego CPS and the Los Angeles CPS! Please come join us August 3-5, 2018, in Santa Rosa, California, tucked in the heart of beautiful Sonoma County. This area is renowned for its lovely scenery, mild weather, and culinary excellence. It is against this backdrop that we hope to provide what will be a once in a lifetime carnivorous plant event! This is truly the golden age of carnivorous plants and we hope to highlight that with almost 3 full days of lectures on the cutting edge of CP discovery, taxonomy, and cultivation. The conference will begin with an opening presentation from Peter D’Amato, author of “The Savage Garden” and founder of California Carnivores. Be sure and bring your books and get them autographed by Peter! The line-up of presenters is still being put together, but we already have some illustrious names confirmed including: Stewart McPherson, Fernando Rivadavia, Greg Bourke, Larry Mellichamp, Andreas Fleischmann, Naoki Tanabe, and Ulrike Bauer. The BACPS will be running a special expanded two-day Show and Sale in conjunction with the conference. This includes a judged plant show full of beautifully grown plants from our members and vendors with lots of plants for sale. It is our goal to have as many actual plants on display as possible. An academic poster event will be held for speakers and other scientists to present their work. On Sunday, after the presentations wrap up, you will be shuttled a short drive to California Carnivores for a catered banquet dinner. Imagine dining amidst our internationally recognized carnivorous plant collection with other experts and enthusiasts from around the world. Monday after the conference will be a free day for everyone. California Carnivores will be an open house for those who want to spend more time there, but San Francisco is only an hour away for those with family who might be sick of carnivores by then. Field trips leave Tuesday morning, August 7, for Darlingtonia country! The cobra plant is one of the most charismatic and animalistic of all carnivorous plants and yet it has been seen by relatively few because of its far-flung range. They are definitely worth the four-hour drive north! For starters, you’ll see the full diversity of color and forms that live in Del Norte Co., California. You’ll see rocky cliffs with hundreds of Pinguicula macroceras subsp. nortensis clinging to them like tiny starfish. Drosera rotundifolia will be present at several sites as well. We plan to end our excursion with Eight Dollar Mountain in Southern Oregon; a spectacular site where Darlingtonia grow from the river up most of the mountain. You’ll be in good company too with such illustrious travel companions including Barry Rice, Peter D’Amato, and Damon Collingsworth. I love these conferences because they are a rare opportunity to gather with people from all over the world who are passionate about my passion. I always leave with new friends and appreciation for the plants that I love so much. Please come and be a part of carnivorous plant history."
  6. Welcome! I am from California too! You should find a carnivorous plant society near you and attend some meetings if there is one close by.
  7. Clicking on the links works now, although it wasn't working before. Nice plant!
  8. Your pictures aren't showing up for me.
  9. That robcantleyi is so red! I didn't know it could be that color.
  10. Very nice pictures. The Drosera looks like spatulata.
  11. The plants look beautiful! I wonder if there were any Utricularia in the pond.
  12. I have been having problems on and off with accessing the site too.
  13. Very nice pictures! What did you use to take them? I'm also curious what your growing medium is.
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