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  1. All pitchers have the kink[emoji5] Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  2. Have you tried this? I use it for remote monitoring of my HL chamber. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  3. Some plants from Mike Wang S. flava var. ornata (Gulf Coast, FL) S. flava var. atropurpurea (European clone - Kew Gardens) S. flava var. ornata improved - yes, I would say so myself that this ornata is definitely an improved version. Somehow I ended up with two plants. I am uncertain if these are the same clone. S. leucophylla giant (Washington Co, AL) - It will be a few years before this achieves giant status S. x moorei "Dan Winter" S. jonesii black lips (Greenville Co, SC) S. flava var. rugelli giant (Thomas Co, GA) S. flava var. ornata super improved black veins - Damn, look at those veins!!! Great job meizzwang , this is excellent breeding stock. S. leucophylla hurricane white creek clone E - Don't mind the decapitation. The bay area has been going through a heat wave. S. flava var. rubricorpora "solid red throat" (Liberty Co, FL) S. leucophylla "juju lips" S. x moorei "Wilkerson's White Knight" S. flava "extreme red throat" S. oreophila (UCB x MO17) select clone S. flava var. rubricorpora (Lxbest) select dark clone (Liberty Co, FL) S. psittacina var. okefenokeensis f. luteoviridis (Gulf Co, FL) S. x moorei "Wilkerson's Red Rocket"
  4. Some of Phil's hybrids S. x ( Readii x Royal Ruby) clone 2 S. x (x moorei 'Leah Wilkerson') x ( leucophylla "Hot Lips") - On a table full of red mooreis, this one was very prominent. What a looker!! I am hoping for this one to be as vigorous and gigantic as its parents. S. x 'Stingray' S. x ('Reptilian Rose' x leucophylla pale) #1 S. x ('Reptilian Rose' x leucophylla purple lips) - I was looking for this select clone and unbeknownst to myself, it was already in my cart. I scare myself some times. And the infamous S. flava "killer" - Yes people, the lid on this plant is f*cking ginormous
  5. Below are pictures of my haul. Let me preface this by saying that I don't play around when I shop. Without further ado, it is time to drool I love the tall, dark, and beautiful ones so had to get a few. I was only semi-cognizant of what I placed in the shopping cart. And I might have went a wee bit over board at Phil's table . When I checked my haul at home, I was pleasantly surprised. First up, the mooreis S. x moorei "Super Heavy Veins" - a honkin division! S. x moorei "Purple Sparks" S. x moorei Phil's clone 1-A S. x moorei Phil's clone 1-C - I do believe that both of these are divisions from the same plant, clone 1. After going over the sale plants a half dozen times, being regaled by Phil's stories, and starved for the entire day, plants were simply piling themselves into the cart, lol. An absolutely lovely clone, so who am I to complain? S. x moorei Phil's clone 2 S. x moorei Phil's clone 4 S. x moorei 'Hot Lips' - OMG, how did this make it into my cart? I don't even remember adding this
  6. The sale room - these are from before the opening of the event and many sellers were not present or just setting up. Mike Wang in action Phil Faulisi's table Plants for the raffle drawing -- I see lots of weeds....
  7. To Sarracenia growers across the pond, a taste of what they are missing. The local BACPS show and sale was on 6/4 and it was blast. Lots of great new people and of course - the plants. I documented what I could before I got swept up in idle chatter. The entrance to the BACPS event Metal art piece in the front of the Garden Center -- great lawn ornament A nice pond they had in the public gardens Some new friends Display plants Competition Plants
  8. Sounds like you have a working hypothesis. Why not test it out? Design a controlled experiment with statistical numbers in duplicate and perform a long term experiment. Perhaps we can compare data one day. Otherwise, it will always be hobbyist conjecture. I like quantitiative data and am willing to sacrifice all my plants. I know most on here love their plants too dearly to abuse them. However, all the answers you are looking for are all out there. One must simply have the courage in the pursuit of knowledge.
  9. All my cephs are flowering at the moment. Here's a few of them. They are all grown up now! Of course, I am busy with my paintbrush and hope to repay other growers for their great generosity
  10. Two new forming pitchers on my HG1. My money is on the right side one. And here is HG1, who put out a very long leaf to escape the bush, 7''+
  11. http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php/138168-Which-is-Eden-Black
  12. Which plant below is Eden Black? Let's play a little game and see if growers here can guess correctly. One of the three plants in the picture below is a genuine Eden Black, traceable to the originator, Stephen Morley. They grow directly next to each other, under the same conditions. Place your guesses people! Closeups of the contenders:
  13. I did touch on this topic in my thread: "Preferably, I would like there to be a standard of measurement for pitcher size. Because the lid varies in its angle, with 90 degrees being completely vertical, there is a difference in the percentage that the lid may contribute to the total height of a pitcher. However, there is no such standard in place. Thus, I consulted with senior growers, those who have experience well beyond my years, and pictures who I have salivated over, such as Charles Brewer and BigBella. Those on this forum should be aware of their cephalotus, and have viewed pictures of their specimens over the years. They give the measurement of their pitchers from the bottom of the pitcher to the top of the lid. And for consistency sake, I will measure mine as such so as to not add to the confusion of information here. Of course, one can always measure things as one one sees fit, so I have included a picture with a ruler (and with one including my thumb for reference, LOL). Adhering to this informal methodology, we can compare pitchers, but I believe the bottom of the pitcher to the top of the peristome is ultimately more definitive. In that case, this pitchers measures 7cm, from the bottom of the pitcher to the peristome. In a survey on the percentage that a lid contributes to total cephalotus pitcher height from a few dozen of my plants, it can account for 25-50% of the total pitcher height. I suspect that forum members also report their pitcher height from the bottom of the pitcher to the top of the lid, however I have found but a few pictures with a ruler. In most cases, I have found reports of "X.Xcm", without actual evidence. I believe that data always trumps claims, and leaves no leeway for arguments."
  14. Thanks for the info on your growing conditions