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  1. Very nice and interesting looking flytrap, Lucien! Congratulations!!
  2. Almost certainly red spider mites. The damage to the traps is unmistakably mite damage.
  3. FlytrapCare

    my 'adentate'

    That's a great looking upright Coquillage
  4. I've noticed this can be related to less than ideal care techniques. If kept too wet in cooler weather or if kept in soil that is degrading, certain plants are more sensitive to these conditions and will struggle. What are your growing conditions and techniques?
  5. FlytrapCare

    Dionaea nameless

    I really like it as well! Nice looking plant :)
  6. I really like that one Lucien! Great job :)
  7. Yet another great looking and unique flytrap!
  8. FlytrapCare

    My Dionaea

    Very healthy looking flytraps!
  9. Great looking flytraps!
  10. Love Cheerleader! And the Iris looks interesting too.
  11. Yep, easy peasy! There's a brief description and photo of the process here:
  12. Whoa! That's a nice and LONG Venus fly trap!
  13. Hi Thomas! It looks like you have spider mites on the plant in the first and second photo. The browning along the edge of the leaf is indicative of mites and those little red dots are them!