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  1. Coke is just round the corner from me. I’m in St Paul’s Cray. Small world! I keep meaning to message the chap in Gravesend about going to see what he’s got available. The stuff he has on his FB listings looks really nice!
  2. Nice one. This has been really helpful! I’ll let you know how they get on!
  3. Looking awesome! I’m gonna stick mine in moist strat today and sow them in a few weeks. Had some people say wait, others say go for it... I’m impatient soooo. Thanks for all the info!
  4. @Blocky71 I’m in Orpington, what about you? I wonder if your fellow in Gravesend is the same hobbyist I found selling some sarras on Facebook marketplace?
  5. They're in a cold frame which, during this heat, has been mostly left open so really only functions as a wind guard! They get full sun from around 11am til sunset and I use the tray method for watering. They're standing in about 1-2". They haven't ever flowered in the time I've had them. I ended up just going for it and it would seem most of them have sprung into life since doing so. I cut off chunks of dead rhizome and potted them in fresh media with as little root disturbance as possible. Some of them were tissue cultured hybrids from a nursery that have only just started to put new growth out since I did it, but the Leucophylla and Flava var. Cuprea have put out several 6-8" pitchers since. I fear they'd just have succumbed to rot if I hadn't done anything. Thanks for the input, guys. Sorry I'm only just responding... I didn't have notifications on so I assumed nobody responded & hadn't seen your replies until now. My bad!
  6. I see you're also in Kent! I could hardly contain my joy when the rain came... I was out and about with the other half at the time going off on one about my butt That said, I'm sorry for your disappointingly empty butt.
  7. This is amazing, thank you so much! I got the seed for free so I'm reckoning to hell with it, I'm going to split the batches, keep half in storage till spring and try the rest now. Only on way to learn for myself! This is really encouraging though, thanks again! How did they all turn out in the end? Did you notice any issues with the ones you sowed over winter? Last question, I promise... where did you get those containers that you started them in? They look like something I'd love to cover every windowsill in my house in
  8. I might need you guys to talk me out of something... I have 4 lots of seed- 2 varieties of Sarracenia, some Darlingtonia and a mixed lot of Dionaea varieties- all from the CPS seed bank. They've been sitting in my fridge for weeks, though not in proper stratification. I want to sow them, but it's August tomorrow. It's taking all my resolve not to stick them in proper cold, moist strat and sow them a few weeks from now, but I suspect that's a stupid idea. Thoughts?
  9. Hi! Thanks very much :)
  10. Hello, I am hoping someone may have some advice for me here as I have 4 or so pots that haven't put on any new growth this year yet. I cut off all the dead growth from over winter in early spring and have seen little to no significant growth on any of them. They are alive and green, but the new growth points are so tiny and barely doing anything. I am wondering if I should pull them all out, wash off the roots, divide them up and remove any dead matter and pot them up in fresh media, even though it's entirely the wrong time of year to be doing so ordinarily. It doesn't look like I can expect much from them as is, but I guess my question here is, will doing so kill them completely, or is it worth a shot? Of course, other suggestions are very welcome! I have a leucophylla and flava var. Cuprea in there that I'd love to see back. The rest are expendable garden centre bought hybrids that I won't mourn too much in the event that I kill them completely! Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi everyone! My name is Tea & I am happy to be here! I just joined up today as I am hoping to network a little and get to know fellow growers of these fascinating plants. I have been growing carnivores for several years outdoors/in cold frames here in the UK and more recently, I have set up some indoor grow lights in order to focus on some of the more delicate plants that require more specific light, temperature and humidity parameters. I would say that my favourite genera are Drosera, Utricularia and Pinguicula most recently, but I have a long-term and deep appreciation for pitchers of all types. I am hoping that by joining up here, I can learn some cultivation tips and techniques that will help me take my hobby to the next level and make all of my plants happy and healthy! So, that's pretty much it! Thank you for having me & I look forward to talking to some of you here :)