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  1. Netjer

    Growing Drosera Regia in the UK

    In your experience, do you guys find that regia reliably needs a cold dormancy? I've read a lot online with some people saying they don't need them at all and others stating that they appreciate a dormancy occasionally. If this is the case (which I'm skeptical of) I may give it a try as an indoor plant eventually.
  2. Netjer

    Growing Drosera Regia in the UK

    Thank you both for the responses - very much appreciated! I think I'll have to look at further frost-proofing before I can seriously consider picking up d. regia.
  3. Netjer

    Growing Drosera Regia in the UK

    I'm considering picking up a dormant Drosera regia over winter to allow it to better acclimatise before the next season. From my reading so far it seems that they probably appreciate UK summer temperatures, seemingly growing in slightly cooler regions. However, it sounds that they aren't particularly frost hardy plants. Just wondered if anyone has any experience or advice on getting these through our winters successfully? This will be growing outside year round either in a mini greenhouse (one of those small frames with a PVC cover) or in a cold frame. Subject to permission from my landlord anyway!
  4. I've just picked up a bag of horticultural grit to use for a drainage layer in my terrarium - it says on the front washed and lime free, which looks perfect. To test it I've just sat some in some 0 TDS water and it's currently testing at about 10ppm. I'll leave it soaking for a few hours to see how it goes. If it stays at around this sort of level is this OK to use long term in a terrarium? I'm assuming I'll need to replace the growing medium every year or two anyway, but obviously I want to reduce any build up of minerals as much as I can. EDIT: Currently sitting at around 20-25ppm.
  5. Over the next month or so I'll be putting together an intermediate terrarium for my neps but I really want to add some utricularia for additional colour. Right now I'm thinking a good covering of sandersonii or uniflora but really want a couple of other species as well to provide some accent spots. I'm currently leaning towards alpina, geminiloba or reniformis. The terrarium is going to be 45cm tall with 9-10cm of growing medium, so one of my main concerns is height. I've read that reniformis in particular can get especially tall - would this be suitable for a terrarium of this size? Any suggestions on which species could work well in addition to sandersonii/uniflora?
  6. I'm in a first floor flat with no usable outside space, which isn't ideal for my temperate plants. I've got a couple of small windowsills outside two of my windows, both with a usable space of 14x50cm. I'm toying with the idea of putting my plants out there but would need some sort of secured windowbox on each to put the plants in. If anyone has any suggestions on what I could use for this or how I could go about securing a windowbox (without drilling holes in walls etc) I would be very grateful.
  7. Netjer

    Fake vft or not

    I've not bought seeds from Triffid before but have bought several plants from Andy and I've always found him to be particularly helpful and friendly. I'm sure if you were to contact him he'd be happy to help. Also, if you do go down the route of buying a VFT and then pollinating it I'll recommend Andy for this as well - he's got the best selection of VFTs I've seen in the UK and plants are always healthy and a good size.
  8. Netjer


    At least you know they'll have had a bit of an extra flush through!
  9. Netjer

    Terrarium Pygmies

    Exactly what i wanted to hear, thanks carambola! It may be time for me to look into picking up pulchella, pearl and scorpioides then.
  10. Netjer

    Terrarium Pygmies

    I'm planning a semi-planted terrarium, with some plants being planted and some being in pots. Of those I'm hoping to plant I'm really hoping to include some pygmy sundews. From what I've read some pygmies have very long root systems, but I'm aiming to have 10cm of growing medium at most (terrarium will only be 45cm tall). Any suggestions on which ones could be suitable for planting in medium of this depth?
  11. Netjer

    Any Saving my Darlingtonia?

    Unfortunately outside isn't an option at the moment (though it's something I'm working on). I guess I'll take this one as a learning experience!
  12. Netjer

    Any Saving my Darlingtonia?

    Thanks for the reply Dunc, that's very reassuring! Would you remove any of the dead/dying pitchers?
  13. Netjer

    Any Saving my Darlingtonia?

    I've had my Darlingtonia on a sunny windowsill for a few months and it's been growing really well - lots of new growth and pitchers getting to about 30cm tall. I have it in an orange pot, sat in a water tray which is then inside a further white pot and it hasn't seemed particularly bothered by the heat we've had in the UK recently. A few weeks ago I noticed some sort of infestation on it. I don't know what they were, small translucent bugs with large dark sack-like sections at the end which were obviously sucking juices from the plant. I manually removed them and didn't see any more, a week or so later I noticed tons of them again so removed them and gave the plant a spray of Provado. The pitchers very quickly went pale and then brown, losing all their rigidity. Most of the plant is now brown, though a couple of growth points do look green and there are a few little new pitchers popping up here and there. I've attached a couple of pics - is there much chance of saving the plant? Any advice on what to do would really be appreciated.
  14. My cold space I had set aside for wintering my temperate plants is having to be repurposed and I have no outdoors space to use, so I'm looking to put together a terrarium which is cold enough to help my plants through winter. In terms of planning, I've got as far as a tank with an air conditioning unit and maybe putting in some sort of partition at the bottom which I can put ice under to help bring temperatures down, along with suitable lighting obviously. Other than this I'm really not sure what else might be needed, what sort of air conditioning unit/units to use or what sort of lighting I should really be looking at. The inhabitants will be a VFT, d. filliformis, s. purpurea and d. californica (subject of course to me not giving in and buying more plants between now and then!). Any advice on this would be very much appreciated.
  15. Thanks Karsty! I had wondered if that was what it was, but given my relative inexperience with CPs (especially sarracenia!) I figured it worth checking.