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  2. Indeed, there is a high chance that they will root in some time (although when I do it, I immediately plant it.., so there is no risk it will dry out). But I don't like it either that I receive a rootless division when I order something, exept when it's communicated in advance.. Otherwhise I expect a division with roots
  3. Ewoud

    Hi all

    Looking good! Welcome!
  4. Very nice! Which one is in the picture which is upside down?
  5. Definitely not Drosera rotundifolia..
  6. Hi Aidan, I've read the hole discussion and I have to say: Earlier this year, 5 of my ceph's were suddenly dying.. I thought it was because I kept them too dry, I was surprised because I thought that the pitchers would warn me (by closing them, to protect the liquid level inside the pitcher).. In one week, almost nothing was left.. I removed all dead plant rests and gave them more water, and after a couple weeks I saw some green stuff. When there was more, I repotted them without disturb them. Now, I think they all survived it (2 of them are still very vulnerable, but I hope they will do well). So, I hope you still have the plants, because there is a chance :) (if I had the same 'problem', but it look so) Regards, Ewoud
  7. Ewoud

    Julie jones

    Cephalotus "Julie jones"? Never heard of it :O Witch special things has these cultivar?
  8. Hello, Who can tell me the 'special things' about the cultivars? Wherefore they are a cultivar and not a typical. I would like to know it of the: - Big Boy - Hummers Giant - German Giant - Vigorous Clumping - Dudley Watts - Czech Giant Thanks!