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  1. Thank you guys for your answers! :) I am definitely more relieved now!
  2. Hi there. I have been keeping this little pinguicula for some months now, and I have recently noticed some new growths at the bottom part of the plant, they look like roots... any idea what they could be and why? like I don't know, it is my first pinguicula and I don't know if these growths are positive or negative. Thank You!
  3. So they don’t need to stay in constantly damp soil as dionaeas for example...
  4. That’s a very awesome looking pinguicula! Thank you for your answers... hope I will be able to treat it well!
  5. Also, is it suggested to use a clay pot or a plastic pot for them?
  6. Ok so just in the tray like most carnivorous plants. Thank you !
  7. Hello there, I am planning to buy a pinguicula, especially Mexican species fascinate me greatly. I’ve seen a lot of different opinions on the forum regarding whether watering the plant on the tray more as other carnivorous plants or from the top as cacti or succulents. So, for tropical pinguiculas, what would the suggestions be? thanks a lot in advance!
  8. I am keeping it on the windowsill of the coldest yet sunniest window that I’ve got. I’m trying to make the balcony more protected for the plant, so that I can put the whole pot there once finished without worrying about the wind too much! (Maybe I am an overprotective owner)
  9. Thank you for the warnings! I guessed the shop was not treating it the right way... I have had a vtf when I was a child, since then I was very fascinated by carnivorous plants... and I remember it needed distilled water and lots of care. The pot I bought was the one with the plant that looked the most "willing to live"... The others already had a root in the grave... I was not sure I would be able to revive them, as I am not that expert. But so far, my little plant is green and growing! (Still didn't place it outside as in Scotland is very windy and as I've just repotted it I am afraid it would fly away if i leave it on my balcony: but I am working on it!)
  10. Greetings to all the community! My name is Margot and I am super new to the world of carnivorous plants... I bought a Venus fly trap two weeks ago as it was dying in the shop I found it... and now I am searching for advice and recommendations! Hope to find everything here to make my little Venus (which I named Lord of the Flies, lol) happy again! Cheers xo