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  1. Wow, those are some impressive greenhouses! I just hope you have enough plants to fill them all!
  2. Wow, can't believe i missed this first time round, amazing plants and yet more to go on the wishlist!
  3. I've just had a quick look at the wikipedia article.. I would assume that only Pinguiculas with the same number of chromosomes could reproduce with eachother? I suppose this is a moot point as I dont know any of the chromosome numbers As for naming: Would the pollen donor be mentioned first or the pollen acceptor (the plant from which the seed would be harvested)? Thanks for your advice so far!
  4. I was going to try and cross a couple of my Mexican Pings as they all seem to be in sync as it were. I was just wondering if all Mexican Pings could cross with all others. For instance would what I like to call long leaved Pings (moctezumae/heterophylla/gypsicola etc.) be able to cross with the small pings (esseriana/jaumavensis/gracilis etc.). The cross I have in mind is a hemiepiphytica x moctezumae perhaps or vice versa. Any guidance would be lover-ly Thanks P.S. I just found out that moctezumae x hemiepiphytica is a viable cross. Haven't seen any flowers though
  5. I really do prefer that unmutated one though! I might have to try my own emarginata x laueana cross and see what we get!
  6. Wow! That is simply incredible! The D. falconeri pot is really impressive!
  7. What a cool flower, Iguess we'll see if that extra petal is a stable thing!
  8. Wow, that has to be one of the most beautiful Utric's I have seen - Congratulations! Another one I have to add to the wish-list!
  9. I agree with Noah! The Pings see to work really well on them! Maybe I should have look around for some likely looking rocks! Is it literally sticking a couple of plants on top of the rock? or is some sort of substrate involved?
  10. Just a small update, I thought I would miss my P. moctezumae flowering, but here it is, two weeks old now, and I think it will be dying off soon, slightly dicey photos, but you get the idea. thanks
  11. I live just down the road from Croydon, but was (fortunately) on holiday. I have to say it was a bit omnious coming back after two beautiful weeks in the Jura to a burning town
  12. Wow, amazing nepenthes! I love that ventricosa Porcelain at the beginning!
  13. Pretty! Makes up for me missing my flower, I'm going to be on holiday just as it opens! Great Photos
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