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  1. Thank you everyone for your comments. It's has definitely been of great help.
  2. Many thanks @Zerbirus for your reply. I am on night shift tonight so will go through the list. Both yourself and Richards comments are kindly appreciated.
  3. Many thanks for your reply Richard I will check out the ones you have named and see if there are any small plants available. Is there a certain facing window which you find they grow best in? Your comment and advice is most appreciated.
  4. Hi I was after some advice in regards to growing Nepenthes. Which are easiest to grow Highland varieties or Lowland? Which varieties would be recommended for beginners and also is it a must to have a greenhouse? Many thanks.
  5. Naz86

    Hi everyone

    Hi Dean, lol he certainly will not be allowed near this collection. I left him with an idiots proof guide and that didn't seem to work. Many thanks, I hope now it will only be happy growing lol. Hello Miguel, thank you both for the welcome.
  6. I'm from Birmingham and used to be a member of this forum a few years ago. I had a lovely collection of carnivorous plants which unfortunately perished under my brothers care whilst i was working abroad. I am now hoping to restart a collection and hoping to get advice etc from all who can help. Look forward to learning from you all.