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  1. Naz86

    Nepenthes for beginners

    Thank you everyone for your comments. It's has definitely been of great help.
  2. Naz86

    Nepenthes for beginners

    Many thanks @Zerbirus for your reply. I am on night shift tonight so will go through the list. Both yourself and Richards comments are kindly appreciated.
  3. Naz86

    Nepenthes for beginners

    Many thanks for your reply Richard I will check out the ones you have named and see if there are any small plants available. Is there a certain facing window which you find they grow best in? Your comment and advice is most appreciated.
  4. Naz86

    Nepenthes for beginners

    Hi I was after some advice in regards to growing Nepenthes. Which are easiest to grow Highland varieties or Lowland? Which varieties would be recommended for beginners and also is it a must to have a greenhouse? Many thanks.
  5. Naz86

    Hi everyone

    Hi Dean, lol he certainly will not be allowed near this collection. I left him with an idiots proof guide and that didn't seem to work. Many thanks, I hope now it will only be happy growing lol. Hello Miguel, thank you both for the welcome.
  6. Naz86

    Hi everyone

    Thank you.
  7. Naz86

    Hi everyone

    I'm from Birmingham and used to be a member of this forum a few years ago. I had a lovely collection of carnivorous plants which unfortunately perished under my brothers care whilst i was working abroad. I am now hoping to restart a collection and hoping to get advice etc from all who can help. Look forward to learning from you all.