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  1. Hey so I've just fallen in love at first sight with Rubber Plants and would really like to get one (or 5). I've read there is a dwarf variety ? I'm looking for something smallish (not too small) to medium sized and have no idea where to look and what to search it under, name-wise. Living in nz. Hope somebody can help
  2. Anyone know which of these can go dormant ? If so, what temperature is best during winter ? and can they withstand frost ? D.affinis D.slackii D.capillaris x intermedia D.burmannii Thanks ;)
  3. Hey any suggestions for a small grow light to put on my windowsill for my Neps, ('Malani', 'Gothica', 'Lady Luck' & Truncata) for autumn and winter. Also for some of my sundews.
  4. Sweet ! Do you have any suggestions for a small type ? I kinda wanna get 1-2 small sized grow lights for say, a windowsill for all of my CPs before autumn and winter come around. I'd be growing my sundews and my Neps under the lights
  5. Hey no, not at all ! I was just being sarcastic ;) I am actually from England...Love sarcasm ha
  6. Hey Anyone have experience with using humidifiers? I'm thinking of getting a small humidifier or fogger to put on the windowsill with my Nepenthes. Would something like this be OK? (see attached screenshot) or would a fogger type thingy be better?
  7. Hey So I've got 2 Pinguiculas: P.'weser'x jaumavensis P.zecheri x jaumavensis Just wondering what sort of media these guys should ideally be in (closest to their natural habitats in Mexico). I have read that they grow in alkaline pH soils, lime etc.. What would the pH ideally be if I go and buy say, garden lime or something? Cheers
  8. Yes, have you never heard of it? Haha I haven't kept that many sundews in the past, so not too much experience to lean on. I thought I'd just put them under the bbq, on the east side of the house(plenty of morning to early afternoon direct sun, but they are covered) seen as they didn't seem to appreciate the direct sun.
  9. Hey folks - just want some advice on what's going on with my D.capillaris x intermedia & D.slackii. So I got these guys a few weeks ago and since then capillaris x has pretty much just died. It was flowering, (I cut those off)I left it outside in the summer sun (here in nz), there were some much cooler days with wind and rain. Dead. As for my D.slackii, this guys is still alive thankfully, but isn't doing the best - It has some sickly growth, where all of its leaves have turned yellow, I did read that it doesn't like too much heat or full sun very much. It's now outside in the shade. Both of them are in the same spot in the shade in large, tall pots sat in trays of water. Hope somebody can help
  10. Hey, just wondering: how long are Sarracenia seeds viable for ? Say if I bought them now, would I need to sow them straight away or would storing them be alright ? Cheers
  11. Hey So I've got my Nepenthes 'malani' in my east facing window and I've noticed that the pitcher lids are starting to drop. What does this mean ? heat-stress related or something to do with low humidity perhaps ? Sometimes it gets 2-3 hours of direct sun in the window, not everyday though(so far without any apparent issues). And apart from that the plant seems to be growing just fine. Hope somebody can tell me what could be going on. Cheers
  12. Thanks Argo88 ! Any suggestions on a small light/lamp/desk lamp size light that I could use during the winter time ?
  13. Hey folks So I've got N.truncata seeds germinating on my east facing windowsill in nz. Wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks about how to grow truncatas in a windowsill without any special treatment.