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  1. I'm looking to purchase a new house. I want to have a greenhouse in my new garden for sarracenia and VFTs. I know the more light the better, but would this be enough? The house I'm thinking of buying has a south facing garden. However, the greenhouse would have to go on the east side of the garden by the fence. This would mean that it gets shaded by the fence in the morning. Then at midday, it should get full sun for the majority of the rest of the afternoon. Is this enough light to grow nice plants in a greenhouse? Thanks.
  2. I'm also looking for a mini greenhouse for my sarracenias and am considering the same as you. I believe that glass would let more light through but the polycarbonate would filter light and keep it cooler on hot, summer days. I could be wrong though. Which shops have you been looking at for your greenhouse? These are the two I'm considering as I don't have a lot of space.
  3. Thanks both of you. Think I'll get sowing over the next week.
  4. I’ve got a batch of various sarracenia, VFT, pinguicula grandiflora and Darlingtonia Californica seeds. When is the best time to sow them in the U.K. for a natural cold stratification in a cold frame? Or would I be better stratifying them in the fridge? I’ve read that Darlingtonia seeds like to be frozen into ice cubes in the freezer. Does anyone have any experience doing this? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  5. I've only been keeping carnivorous plants for a year or two. I decided recently to order some seeds for the first time. I've read lots of conflicting information. I've ordered VFT seeds, Sarracenia Flava seeds, Drosera Anglica seeds, Drosera Capensis seeds and Drosera Madagasceriensis seeds. My plan was to wait until October and plant the VFT, Sarracenia and anglica seeds outside in my cold frame and just wait until spring to see seedlings. But then I read online that VFTs naturally shed their seeds in early summer and aren't supposed to go through cold stratification. Will my plan
  6. I don't own a cat. I think I may have just been a bit too heavy handed when getting it out of the bubble wrap. Can't believe how brittle they are.
  7. I’ve only owned this plant for a few days and every time I pick it up by the pot a pitcher seems to break. Its on a southeast facing windowsill. Although it probably points slightly more to the east. Gets a lot of morning sun. I thought it may be getting roasted by too much morning sun. But this also happened on the first day I got it before it had spent much time on the windowsill.
  8. Thanks both of you. I ordered some online this morning. A 100 litre of Evergreen Irish moss peat for £13 and 50 litres of perlite for 15. I know that garden centre. It's about 10 minutes away from me! Just need get hold of sphagnum moss now. Is this sort of stuff for orchids alright or does it contain fertiliser does anyone know?
  9. Actually, I have just looked at the products again and noticed that the first link is not pure perlite and I think I read somewhere in that the stuff in the second link is nitrogen rich. So I assume they are no good. Does anyone know where to get or how to make carnivorous plant soil in the UK without spending a fortune?
  10. Hi, I've been looking to create a mini bog garden using the VFTs and sarracenias that I've been growing in pots for about a year. I want to put them all into a bigger pot. I've found that the premixed soil would work out quite expensive so I think I'm going to mix it up myself. Can someone tell me if all of this stuff is ok? From what I've read, I think I'm supposed to mix the peat and perlite at a 50/50 ratio and then I'm thinking of layering sphagnum moss on the top. I estimate that I'd only use about half of the substrate in the links below. Will this keep for future projects if I seal
  11. Hi, I have a sink very similar to yours that doesn't have an overflow. I've read that you used a pipe from the plug hole to regulate the water level. Would this stop it from overflowing in heavy rain? Also, how far up the back of the sink would I need the pipe to be? I am growing VFTs, sarracenia but also intend on other plants too. This is picture of the sink that I have. It is about 20cm high.
  12. Hi, Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I've only been keeping carnivorous plants for about a year. I have a selection of sarracenia VFTs which I bought at the beginning of last summer. When I bought them last summer, I repotted them using a peat and perlite mix that I bought online. They grew well over the year. However, I recently caught a bird pull one of my sarracenias out of its pot. Today I went into the garden to find that they had pulled all of my plants out of their pots. It looks like they are interested in the perlite too and they peck at all of the white bits. I've made
  13. Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place. I am new to this forum and also new to carnivorous plants. i recently bought a Venus fly trap and a sarracenia hybrid from a local supermarket. Had been after some for a while but all the ones at garden centres always looked dry and on the verge of death. The pots that they have came in are tiny and have no drainage holes. I want to repot them because of this and have ordered some carnivorous plant potting mix. Is it ok to report these plants at this time of the year in the uk? Also, I have these plants positioned in an upstairs windowsill f