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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum. In a normal year there are many open days you could attend and pick up plants from many of the growers on this forum. Next year, perhaps?
  2. Thanks Things progressing a bit slow ATM as winds are a bit strong. Have put the 6 vents together and the louvres (no glass yet). Watch this space.
  3. linuxman


    Hi and welcome to the forum.
  4. Cheers Mike. Full sun all day this time of year.
  5. A neighbour's cat. She seems to like the warm concrete slabs!
  6. I have others in the garden connected to the roof gutters, but I will be getting more and hopefully connecting them all together.
  7. Just about the largest g/h that would fit in the space as recommended by everyone, especially Mike! Took a new house in order to get this, maybe you could convince your missus the same.
  8. I'll continue growing what I am now - just more! That's mainly sarracenia with a few drosera, darlingtonia and vfts.
  9. ... and finishing off the main structure. Still bracing to complete followed by the doors and vents. And then the glazing
  10. I recently bought a new house. It has this nice large flat garden area which is perfect for a large greenhouse. So I bought a Robinsons Regal greenhouse (12'7" x 20'10"). here are the photos of the construction, starting with the base ...
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum. What do you have in the tank? Just Nepenthes?