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  1. Thanks Rob. They still need a bit more sun, but they're getting there.
  2. A few more photos from today. Apologies if the focus of some is not that sharp - I think I need a new camera or operator Greenhouse shot S. flava v. ornata, Sandy Creek Road, F247 MK S. flava v. cuprea, NC S. flava v. rugelii, F18 MK S. flava v. ornata, F47 MK S. flava v. atropurpurea, ex. A Hindle, JB, ALL RED, HCP F1 S. flava v. atropurpurea, Blackwater, N Florida, HCP F3 S. flava v. rubricorpora, Wewahitchka, FL, F149 MK S. flava v. rugelii, F92 MK Group of red flavas S. flava with missing label, but still quite nice S. oreophila, De Kalb Co. S. alata, De Soto, Mississippi vft "Beastie Boy" S. leucophylla, Helmut's Delight, SL04 CA A hybrid seedling A hybrid from P&J plants Seed grown leucos S. minor v. okefenokeensis S. x moorei, 'Adrian Slack', H113 MK Grown from CA supplied seed (SX33 x SFO09) S. x moorei, 'Wilkerson’s White Knight', North Walton Co., FL, SXM18 CA S. x moorei, (Wilkerson’s white knight x Wilkerson’s red), SXM18 CA S. x moorei, "Elizabeth Aydon", H193 MK S. x moorei, H9 MK S. x 'ASBO', H265 MK S. x moorei, "Jeff Realff", H374 MK S. x moorei x S. leucophylla hybrid (XM47 x L9MK alba)
  3. Hi and welcome to the forum.
  4. Hi and welcome to the forum. Nice photos!
  5. Thankyou. They grow well outside but are a little behind the g/h plants.
  6. A few more photos now things have moved on a little... Some drosera The flava, oreophila and leucophylla greenhouse Outside Darlingtonia with flower buds Hybrid and minor greenhouse (and seed grown leucos)
  7. Hi and welcome to the forum.
  8. Just to get this year's photos started, here are my first flowers of the year. Flavas: Alatas:
  9. linuxman


    Hi Gary and welcome to the forum. Ask away. You know you have one of the best nurseries at Fair Oak near Eastleigh?
  10. By all means let them flower, especially if you've not seen the flowers before. If you don't want your plants to waste energy making seed then cut the flowers after petal fall, which is what I'll be doing with most of mine.
  11. Hi Red welcome to the forum.
  12. linuxman

    Saying Hi

    Hi and welcome to the forum.
  13. Looking nice. Plenty of room for even more plants!
  14. linuxman

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Justin, welcome to the forum.