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  1. That's normally done for plants sent late winter or early spring so I'm surprised pitchers were removed this time of year. Also, sometimes to facilitate posting leaves can be bent over. S. minor tends to produce pitchers later than other species so may be OK. Disease or pest damage can also delay/prevent growth. If the rhizomes look healthy then everything may be fine but otherwise it's difficult to say if they'll survive. Good luck!
  2. Glad to hear your seed germinated. Not that difficult really once you know the technique. Good luck with the new plants.
  3. Hi and welcome to the forum, even if a little late 😉
  4. These plants are from the seedlings I sold last March and are now flowering. Anyone else had success with these seedlings?
  5. linuxman


  6. Hi and welcome to the forum.
  7. Thanks Dave, it's good to hear something is going on. And I appreciate your efforts. It would be interesting to know where all the regulars from this forum have gone.
  8. Hi and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately you've joined at a time when there's little activity on here from members, especially UK ones. I'd like to hear from the CPS committee about the future of this forum, or do they want us all to be "liking" things on FB?
  9. This is quote from that .gov document: "The Government has also pledged to continue to work closely with the professional horticulture sector on speeding up their transition to peat-free alternatives ahead of a ban for the professional horticulture sector, recognising that the professional horticulture sector faces additional technical barriers that will take longer to overcome." So, corporate interests take precedence over the poor amateur consumer again. You'd think the professional horticulture sector would have much greater clout when it comes to finding a replacement and getting a good price for it. As most of us know there are alternatives eg coir, Melcourt bark, but at a price for us unless it starts being sold in garden centres.
  10. I assume this event on 22 October is still happening? Anyone thinking of going? I hope to be there.
  11. Just keep them damp over winter, not sitting in water. Also water by the tray method as usual. If you keep them outside in a greenhouse they'll die back and come back to life in the spring.
  12. Where are all the insects? Mine are covered in them.
  13. No, don't think so. If you wipe a leaf the goo won't come back. Pinguicula usually produce many leaves so I'd just wait for the fresh ones and keep it out of a dusty environment.
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