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  1. Just to get this year's photos started, here are my first flowers of the year. Flavas: Alatas:
  2. linuxman


  3. linuxman


    Hi Gary and welcome to the forum. Ask away. You know you have one of the best nurseries at Fair Oak near Eastleigh?
  4. linuxman

    Sarracenia flowers

    By all means let them flower, especially if you've not seen the flowers before. If you don't want your plants to waste energy making seed then cut the flowers after petal fall, which is what I'll be doing with most of mine.
  5. linuxman

    Hi from Norfolk

    Hi Red welcome to the forum.
  6. linuxman

    Saying Hi

    Hi and welcome to the forum.
  7. linuxman

    Plantsman's new greenhouse

    Looking nice. Plenty of room for even more plants!
  8. linuxman

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Justin, welcome to the forum.
  9. linuxman

    Help needed with label

    Looks like SFA04 to me. So, Sarracenia flava var. atropurpurea of some kind. Nothing on his website I can see.
  10. linuxman

    Sarracenia resource

    Grower's initials usually. See the bottom of the deconfusifier introduction page.
  11. linuxman

    Greenhouse build

    Very nice. Looks like there's just room for another one beside it
  12. linuxman

    Sarracenia resource

    These 2 sites may be of use to you: the original Don Schnell article on Sarracenia flava varieties, and Barry Rice's CP FAQ (well the sarracenia part, anyway).
  13. linuxman

    Have I killed my seeds?

    Remember sarracenia seeds need the cold weather for stratification. Like ada I plant my sarracenia seeds at New Year in a cold greenhouse and don't expect anything for 3 or 4 months.
  14. linuxman

    When to buy plants

    I think HC carnivorous plants, Hampshire and P-J plants (other nurseries are available) all sell potted plants, so you'd be safe with any of these. There's no advantage to bare rooted plants, except maybe cost of postage, but there shouldn't be a problem with them. I'll be getting some in the post soon, the Italian postal system willing! Should make clear that I'm mainly talking about sarracenia here. I wouldn't buy drosera, for instance, at this time of year unless the plant was already potted.
  15. linuxman

    When to buy plants

    If your pinguicula is of the tropical kind then don't put it outside in a g/h. Keep it warm on a windowsill indoors. Sarracenia can be repotted this time of year with no harm but as already been said you'll not see much growth for a month or 2. If they're coming from reputable sellers they'll already be acclimatised to the cold weather so can go straight into the g/h once potted.