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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum.
  2. Drosera binata comes in many forms, both red and green, so it's entirely possible it's a binata. Not sure about the others without checking as I'm no expert but it could be D. spatulata. Looks like you have some Utricularia in that pot as well.
  3. A late friend of mine made the bench - he was a patternmaker by trade so knew what he was doing! The other wooden things are mine. I bought the aluminium staging from TheGreenhousePeople who provided the Robinsons greenhouse. I asked about it's strength and was told it would be fine. So far, so good!
  4. Much of the bench space is taken up with seedlings. I'm thinking of moving them to the old greenhouse that came with the house which will free up alot of space. I can also put more benches/trays down the centre, so there's scope for many more plants. I'm hoping I won't fill it for a few years, but you never know
  5. I was down at Matthew's nursery the other week. He's got some fantastic plants. I hope you enjoy yours. Needless to say, I bought more than I should have (if there's such a thing).
  6. And now the plants (which is what it's all about, after all).
  7. Have now moved all my plants into the new greenhouse. Here are views from the outside ...
  8. Yes, I am proud of the achievement after all this time and effort.But I am really looking forward to getting my plants into it most of all.
  9. I wouldn't bother for this year. Sarracenia don't mind being root bound anyway. But if you do repot just transplant the lot into a bigger pot and pack more compost round it trying not to disturb the roots too much.
  10. Finally finished the greenhouse ... Now for the plants!
  11. Finally have most of the glazing completed. I found the top roof panes the most scary to do, especially having to do it all by myself. So, I came up with this method which may be useful for anyone else in the same situation. Firstly, I bought a cheap suction device for gripping glass, mirrors etc. I then attached it to a rope which was positioned over the greenhouse ridge. Setting the suction device on the glass I then placed it at the gutter level. I could then pull the pane up to near the ridge and tie off the rope. It is then easier to position the glass pane in the ridge line by manoeuvring it using the handle. I found this very difficult before having to juggle the glass while at the top of a ladder. Here are some photos of the almost complete current state. I only have a few pieces left to do which were either missing or damaged. These arrived today so should finish the glazing tomorrow. Then have to screw the base down (holes already drilled) and fit the automatic openers and louvre glass. Then staging to install, phew!
  12. A bit more progress. Going a little slow because I'm constructing it on my own given the current situation. Some roof glazing completed ... ... and some side panels with a louvre ... More to follow when I recover from a tweaked elbow suffered whilst juggling a glass pane.
  13. Hi and welcome to the forum. In a normal year there are many open days you could attend and pick up plants from many of the growers on this forum. Next year, perhaps?
  14. Thanks Things progressing a bit slow ATM as winds are a bit strong. Have put the 6 vents together and the louvres (no glass yet). Watch this space.