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  1. Arum dioscoridies - to me - is just poo. Not carrion, just poo. Horrible. Quite a number of the araceae seem to smell like very bad body-odour to me too.....
  2. They smell like rotting seaweed to me. The nastiest scent so far I have found in Araceae is Arum dioscorides!
  3. Hamata as a houseplant will struggle......
  4. Mine's in an irregular, rough, dirty mix of bark chips of no specific size, a bit of fibrous peat, dead/dried sphagnum (for hanging baskets) and perlite. Some grow it in just peat and perlite I understand. As long as it's a nice open mix, with coarse material in it, the plant should be happy.
  5. I know Hewitt-Cooper CPs are growing it and got them through last years's summer.... for those who can see the comments here:
  6. Just to update as my update got lost in the forum crash last year.... all my plants died in last year's hot summer.
  7. Just a quick few photos of the habitat and some of plants of Utricularia vulgaris in mass-flowerings in the vast Kopački rit wetlands in north-eastern Croatia a fortnight ago. Sorry the photos don't really do the utric justice... they were really en-masse but very hard to photograph.
  8. A succulent will grow under those conditions for a while. It certainly looks like a succulent to me, and apart from the colour E. obesa does have a vaguely similar habit as a seedling.
  9. (only trim the dead parts... the green parts are still useful to the plant, but typically that does mean the plants are shorter when flowering and look quite tidy).
  10. Oh I think of the flowering season as a highlight in the greenhouse, lots of trimmed-short pitcher-bases and the lovely flowers hovering above like so many exotic butterflies. And generally they even smell nice.
  11. Yes, my plants outdoors must be 20-30cm deep.
  12. Mine's been growing in the garden for 10 years, with no protection!
  13. This Drosera bindoon is producing this crown of red buds. Are they gemmae, or just new leaf shoots? I'm new to the species.....!
  14. I would defer planting the seed until September. The cool nights are one of the triggers for successful germination.....
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