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  1. My Nepenthes Hybrid Dark Secret appears to have breathed its last. All the leaves have gone crispy and curled up. I wonder if I over watered through the winter. It spent the summer in the garden and was doing very well. I moved it to the conservatory when it turned colder and now not doing well at all. Your help would be appreciated.
  2. Thats good to know. I shall trim during the week. Thank you.
  3. Cool, I have seen them, it is just that the plants. are looking a bit rough. I should probably be out with the pinking shears.
  4. Gary Lewis


    Would that be Matt Soper?
  5. Hi My first question, should I let my Sarracenia's flower? or cut them down?
  6. Gary Lewis


    Hi from Southampton. I have lots of questions............