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  1. TomQc

    Hi from Canada

    Utriculatia radiata have been found in Quebec province 2 years ago at a single location and is now on the province's list of species likely to be threatened / endangered Envoyé de mon SM-G920W8 en utilisant Tapatalk
  2. Hi CPUK, 'old' member here, haven't logged in in a while, seems my account was deleted after all those years... Tom, from QC, Canada. Now a full time field biologist, working in wetlands, botany and endangered plants for a consultant. Being into CP cultivation since i was fifteen, now (ashamely) 35, back from a hiatus of a few years, i'm slowly back into the hobby to have some nice chats here, trades, and educates our 5 kids with plants, cp, nature, plants, garden... and you know, some more plants ;). Oh, and getting more plants and knowledge, of course ;) Just thought a new introduction after all that time might now be an overkill ;)