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  1. Hello Guys, In recent years I have been trying to investigate more the nature of this genus. In this post i want share with you my experience with the U. longifolia and a first hybridation test with U. reniformis. In this time i haven't seen much information about this cross, and i don't understand why no one pubblication was shared online. Mine Utricularia longifolia had been obtained from leaf cutting pretty much one year ago, and after a "winter rest" in temperate greenhouse with temperatures that have reached min. 5°C, the U. longifolia decided to gift me in 2021 a wo
  2. Thank you so much for your reply So, next challenge is find live sphagnum!
  3. Goodmorning everyone, I recently bought an Utricularia reniformis, hasn't arrived yet and i don't know what's the best substrate for this U. Wikipedia says it's epiphyte and terrestrial, and here i'm confused.. is more correctly use a live sphagnum moss or peat moss and perlite 1:1, bark, both :\ Thank you, Alessandro.
  4. Hi everyone, my name is Alessandro, i'm new in this forum, i'm a carnivorous plants and ferns grower from 2 years, inside my home-made greenhouse. And I'm here for learn more and more! Best, RepublicDos.