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  1. I have Drosera x hybrida and Drosera filliformis going into dormancy already.
  2. Platty

    Aquatic utric ID please

    Cheers. I thought it might be a toss up between intermedia and vulgaris.
  3. Platty

    Use of gibberellic acid

    They are tuberous- stolonifera is one of them.
  4. Platty

    Use of gibberellic acid

    Hi everyone, I am about to use some GA3 on some drosera seeds. I going to wrap them in paper towel as seems to be common practice. My question is, is there a good way to get the tiny soaked seeds from the paper towel onto the media?
  5. Platty

    Aquatic utric ID please

    Surrey, UK
  6. Platty

    Aquatic utric ID please

    Hi everyone, I was walking around my local patch and spied an aquatic utric. Can anyone ID it for me? Sorry for the crap photo!
  7. Platty

    The smallest flowering D. serpens

    Thanks Siggi, I'll give it a feed and hope. It's the first time I've grow the species, so it is a bit of an experiment.
  8. Just thought I'd share my flowering D. serpens. I sowed the seeds a little late. Will it continue to grow after flowering? Any thoughts?
  9. Platty

    Is this S. flava var ornata?

    The plant was sold to me as rubricorpora (during the winter, so had no pitchers). It's clearly not that. Thanks for your help.
  10. Platty

    Pygmy ID please

    Looks like D. Spatulata to me.
  11. Platty

    Pygmy sundew ID

    I think you're right with omissa. Ive potted it up into a separate pot. New label to add. Thanks for your help.
  12. Platty

    Pygmy sundew ID

    First of all sorry for the bad pictures. Can anyone help with an ID? Its about 1cm in diameter. Currently has a white flower and the spike has 6 buds on it. Centre of the shot. And the flower is about 6mm in diameter. Thanks everyone
  13. Platty

    Greenhouse May 2018

    S. flava var maxima S X stevensii S X excellens S. rubra var jonesii heterophylla U. livida 'Durban' D. burkeana flower spike
  14. Platty

    Greenhouse May 2018

    Although I think it has some purpurea in it.
  15. Platty

    Greenhouse May 2018

    Could be. I was sent it as a freebie just labelled hybrid. I really like it!