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  1. Platty

    When to pot up Saurmatum

    It flowered
  2. Platty

    Sarracenia flowers

    As a result of a slug or snail chewing through the scape of one of my S. alata. I decided to dissect the immature flower. I'm always amazed at how the style is adapted to prevent self pollination. I hope it is interesting a maybe useful to someone.
  3. Platty


    Hi Jeff do you still grow some Styldium? Any tips on S. laricifolium and S. caricifolium?
  4. Hi everyone, Does anyone have any idea where I might be able to get some Levenhookia seed? A relation to Stylidium. Thanks Platty
  5. Platty

    Need id

    U. livida Here is mine. It's U. livida 'Durban'
  6. Platty

    Tuberous sundew id

    Drosera rupicola ?
  7. Platty

    Tuberous sundew id

    I think the plant on the left is a young D. abberans. What is the plant on the right with the flower spike? Can any one help?
  8. Platty

    Lava rock grit in soil mix

    Hi everyone, Going to split and pot up some Mexican pings soon and was wondering if anyone uses lava rock grit in their mix and if so where do you get it from? I don't need much. 1 litre would do it. Thanks
  9. Platty

    When to pot up Saurmatum

    Thanks for your help you two. I'll pot it up maybe in a week or two then and stick it in the greenhouse so that it is protected from any frost.
  10. Platty

    When to pot up Saurmatum

    Thanks Rob. I'll pot it up and pop it in the greenhouse for now, followed by some Arisaema and Amophophallus in march. Not grown aroid before so it's a little experiment this year.
  11. Platty

    When to pot up Saurmatum

    It's in a cool cupboard in the kitchen at the moment at about 10 -15 degrees. My greenhouse is fluctuating from 4 - 14 degrees, night- day at the moment. The tuber is a recent purchase so it was already in dormancy when I got it.
  12. Platty

    When to pot up Saurmatum

    Hi everyone, I have a Sauromatun venosum tuber and was wondering when I should pot it up in the greenhouse. It has started to grow. About 2 to 3 inches. Thanks
  13. Platty

    Sarracenia resource

    Thanks Martin
  14. Platty

    Sarracenia resource

    Excellent thank you. That is quite an extensive list. Next question is. I assume the numbers are donated to the clones available in cultivation. What do the letters stand for?
  15. Platty

    Sarracenia resource

    Thanks Martin, Certainly sorted out a few things for me.